Development of multi-currency light wallets, wallets for Dapps, as well as exchange services, market analytics tools. Web, desktop, mobile applications.

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case 8

Guarda mobile cryptocurrency wallets

The Evercode team developed four cryptocurrency wallets to store, receive, send, purchase and exchange the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Gold. They all function on Android devices and make it possible to make a purchase with cards.
Release of the first app
1.5 months
Release of all apps
4 months
Java, Bitcoinj (by Evercode Lab)

About the blockchain project

In 2017, we released four cryptocurrency wallets for Guarda Guarda. All of them have similar interfaces and functionalities while being intended for four extremely popular cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Project Task

  • Simple and convenient interaction with the wallets
  • High-security level for users working with these wallets

Blockchain Solutions

All the Guarda wallets have similar interfaces, both intuitive and minimalistic. We, in close contact with the customer, tried to create apps with no ‘data noise’. That is why we left a limited amount of texts and prompts after the first round of user testing.

Evercode Lab
Evercode Lab

We intended to build universal wallets with advanced functionalities. First, we integrated cryptocurrency exchanges via the Changelly API. When users request an exchange transaction, we generate a hidden Changelly deposit address. This function turned out to be helpful.

After that, we focused on a built-in capability to make purchases with bank cards, with a reliable bank, and with minimum fees. It is a task of great importance, since buying cryptocurrencies for fiat money is a top priority for most users, especially for newcomers. We resolved this problem and are proud of this functionality.

All the wallets crafted by us do not store and do not process users’ funds on the server. All private information is stored in the local storage and can only be obtained on the client-side. Transmission of transaction data takes place over encrypted connections. Guarda’s wallet looks much like a good old mobile bank, easy-to-use and safe at the same time.


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