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What awaits you in our company?

Development and flexible career paths.

In just a couple of years, our supporters can become leaders of major departments, and if you wish, help desk can transform into DevOps! Do you want to try yourself as a manager someday but are a bit afraid? Don't worry! We have a special training program for beginner managers.

Truly convenient working conditions

  • Flexible start of the workday until 11 or 12:30, depending on the department
  • Cozy offices with delicious and healthy food
  • Sports right in the office with professional trainers: yoga, zumba
  • The opportunity to take a day off at the company's expense

Wellbeing program for a comfortable life

  • We cover your medical expenses for evidence-based medicine and psychotherapy because we need you to be healthy!
  • We don't want you to go to the clinic with a fever of 39 degrees for a "work certificate." You simply stay home and rest while keeping 100% of your salary.
  • You have 28 days of vacation, and as long as you use them, we continue to pay you 100% of your salary.
  • We reimburse 50% of your sports expenses.
  • We invite experts for lectures right in the office for your development; for example, we've already had Alexey Savvateev (mathematician) and Alexey Antonov (investor, blogger).
  • We also have workshops, team outings in nature, corporate events, and much more!

What do we expect from our team?

It's important to us that every new team member shares our values:

Focus on Results

  • We prioritize the impact of our actions on the company.
  • We approach our actions thoughtfully and ask ourselves "Why am I doing this?" as we work.
  • If our methods and tools don't lead to results, we're not afraid to change them and try again.


  • We are honest with colleagues and clients.
  • We admit our mistakes openly and don't shift blame onto others or circumstances.


  • We break down complex tasks into simple parts and don't try to tackle everything at once.
  • We strive to communicate simply, so everyone can understand.


  • We boldly take on complex and ambitious tasks and projects.
  • We see opportunities in change and actively propose them!
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