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case 13

Web version of the ESCAR monitoring system

The resulting monitoring solution makes it possible to monitor and analyze data related to radiation indicators observed on premises and in the equipment of nuclear power plants.
2 weeks
2 months
Silex, Backbone.js

About IT project

According to the customer request, we build a web version of the Escar software. It is a system used to collect, store, monitor, and provide information about the radiation parameters on premises and in the equipment of nuclear power plants.

IT project task

The resulting web application was to contain all data stemming from the main Escar application and be capable of being opened via standard browsers.

IT solution

As for the backend, it was all about a simple and lightweight API developed on the basis of the Silex micro-framework. The Front-end was more challenging. It was developed via backbone.js

Another important feature was the database. The Escar system uses Oracle, in conformity with the requirements set by the nuclear power plant. That is why the backend was to be compatible with it. We used the Doctrine DBAL library for this purpose.

This fact created an important nuance for us: the plant’s corporate policy did not allow Linux servers to be installed. That is why we deployed the entire stack with a Windows Server, produced comprehensive instructions, and tested the process with virtual machines.

As an outcome, the application was successfully delivered. Its quality can be assessed with the feedback left by a customer representative: “Everything is cool! It is like the full-fledged desktop version, one to one”.

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