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case 9

Coinmarket: a service to collect data and analyze markets

Evercode Lab developed a large-scale service providing its users with a variety of tools to conduct a multi-level analysis of the cryptocurrency market.
alpha release
3 months
5 months
React.js (mobile layout)
3 months

About the blockchain project

The project was an analytical service allowing its users to monitor the capitalization of cryptocurrencies. The platform displays trade dynamics and volumes and provides effective analytical tools.

Blockchain project task

  • Building a system capable of handling large amounts of data
  • Securing the capability to parse data of various formats

Blockchain solution

The resulting service can analyze a large amount of information. Around 30 exchanges were linked. To make it possible, we examined the APIs of all the exchanges known to us and identified some common patterns to parse them.

Parsing multiple stock exchanges was the most difficult and most interesting part of the project. The main goal was to process data without losing the speed needed: hence, sequential parsing would not have coped with it, so we implemented the parallel parsing approach via RabbitMQ.

As we have mentioned above, exchanges’ APIs can differ significantly. That is why we used different types of parsers:

  • simple parser
  • double parser
  • multiple parser
  • custom parsers

As for the front-end, we optimized tables for large amounts of data with special indexes.

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