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Blockchain Fintech

Binance Chain Token Management Tool with Ledger + Guarda Wallet
This project is a tool inside the Guarda Wallet cryptocurrency wallet, which allows you to manage coins and Binance Chain tokens from Ledger wallet.
Atomic wallet – universal cryptocurrency wallet
We built multi-cryptocurrency wallet with the possibility of cross-blockchain swaps. The wallet is completely anonymous and stores key on the user device only.
Coinmarket — service for data collection and market analysis
Coinmarket is a capitalization service that provides a user with statistical data and tools for in-depth market analysis.
Web, Mobile
Ink Mobile and Web Wallet Applications
Helped to implement work with a smart contract on the QTUM network for Singapore start up Ink.
Web, Mobile
Blockexplorer for Bitcoin Gold Blockchain
This blockexplorer was developed within Guarda BTG Mobile App developing cooperation with BTG official community.
Web, Mobile
The official Decent blockchain blockexplorer
We developed the official blockexplorer at the time Decent Blockchain was launched. This is the first Decent blockexplorer.
Aggregator of exchanges and cryptocurrency exchangers
The web page helps a user to find the best rates of cryptocurrency tickers, to learn more about the most reliable and secure exchanges and trading platform.
Web, Mobile
Guarda Mobile Light Wallet Applications
We’ve built Android apps for storing, receiving and sending BTC, BTG, ETH and ETC coins. The feature of these wallets is the possibility to exchange coins and to purchase the coins with a banking card.

CRM Solutions

CRM for Cadfem CIS company. Version 2.0
Improved user interface and enhanced system functionality. CRM was implemented in all company branches.
Web, Mobile
CRM for Cadfem CIS company
Evercode Lab team designed, developed and deployed CRM tailored individually for requirements and needs of Cadfem CIS company, number one distributor of ANSYS company engineering software.


Development of food delivery service Foodfox (now Yandex.Eats)
Helped the project team in developing an API for mobile applications, an administrator interface, restaurant integrations, and a user interface.
Web, Mobile
The architecture update of car parts online store
We improved the architecture of car parts online store to handle more orders.


Development of personal health care system ONDOC
Developed an API for mobile application and implemented a web interface. The system helps to store personal medical information, analyze and identify the best way to strengthen and maintain your health.
Web, Mobile


School assessment system
Evercode Lab specialists designed and developed independent School assessment system. Allows testing and provides detailed statistical data based on them.

Monitoring Systems

Web-version Escar for Gelan company
Evercode Lab created web-interface for storage, control and displaying information about radiation limits and Nuclear Power Station equipment. The system is successfully launched on Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Station.
Development of cloud control system TDCloud
We have designed and programmed the TDCloud cloud telecontrol service. Allows you to receive and process data from measuring devices via web-interface without investing in infrastructure.

Evercode Lab

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