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CRM for CADFEM CIS. Ver. 2.0

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implemented in all branches
9 months
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL),
Bootstrap (mobile layout)


CADFEM CIS is a software distributor dealing with training and consulting in the field of engineering analysis. The basis of the CADFEM CIS product line is the ANSYS software tools. The company is located in 6 Russian cities, with over 60 employees.

About IT project

Back in 2016, the Evercode Lab team launched the SamovarCRM sales and project management system for CADFEM CIS. This sales system is capable of collecting information about leads and deals, helping with tasks management and workload planning, generating documents, and displaying statistics.

IT project task

The main tasks we faced were as follows:

  • Implementing and introducing the CRM systems across all branches
  • Developing new features and improving UX he user experience

IT solution delivered

New features

Currencies: accounting and billing

Accounting for payments and billing in different currencies. The new version is able to register contracts in Russian rubles, US dollars, and euros. There is one important feature here: while the price of any contract must be quoted in any currency, the final invoice must be raised with Russian rubles. Our system recalculates amounts to be paid and updates the balance.

Deal registration

Another new element added is called Deal Registration. This is a new ANSYS function that registers new clients, fills out ANSYS applications, generates emails, and registers responses. More than that, the system records registration dates and notifies managers about the need to renew upon expiration.

Bulk email service

Any bulk mailing service should meet the three main criteria: filters by mailing lists must be enabled, export data must be possible, and statistics with results must be easily accessible. We successfully handled these challenges: the resulting solution does offer these capabilities.


In the new version, avatars can be added to some entities, including users, companies, contacts, leads, and services.

Contract history

Contact histories allow sales managers to update contact data and archive outdated information while keeping constant access to it. Any contact can change its phone number or email address. So, if this contact resigns or changes jobs, it will still be in the right position to collaborate with CADFEM CIS.

Mobile version

The Evercode Lab created a mobile-friendly layout for the main blocks of CRM. The first version of SamovarCRM did not have a mobile version. However, the customer requested it.

Existing features updated

In addition to the sales pipeline, the second version makes it possible to generate final monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. It also enables users to specify responsibilities for these reports.

In version 2.0, one can also download reports in excel format. As for importing data, we extended the range of file formats to import data. In addition to HTML and PDF files, users can add files in DOCX format. It is possible to attach files to different entities: companies, contacts, opportunities, document revisions, and comments. Finally, we refined the logic of the Opportunities module to automate the workflow to the maximum extent possible.


The main goal of the software project was to fully integrate a CRM into the sales management process, all its branches, which would allow us to structure commercial information and improve sales predictions. The result was delivered on time and did increase the effectiveness of our managers' teamwork. In other words, my expectations were totally met. I was really impressed by Evercode’s Agile approach. Regular feedback, their readiness to adapt to the changing specifications, weekly delivery of new features: all these things made the development process more flexible. I would like to praise the performance of our PM, Julia Komoza. Her strict control over planning and development also made a positive impact on our collaboration.

Artem Avedian, Commercial Director at Cadfem CIS.

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