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case 5

Block Explorer for Bitcoin Gold Blockchain

Web and Android: smart contracts in the QTUM network
1 month (web) and 1.5 months (mobile)
1.5 months (web) and 2 months (mobile)
React.js, Node.js,
Qtumcore-lib (by Evercode Lab)
Java, Bitcoinj (by Evercode Lab)

About the blockchain project

At the end of 2017, the INK smart contract based on QTUM blockchain was released. Evercode Lab developed web and Android wallets for this release.

Blockchain project task

  • User security
  • The interface needs to be both simple for beginners and sufficient for more experienced users
  • INK wallets must be compatible with each other
  • Own block explorer

Blockchain solution

The access to the wallet was built as multi-level and variable. The wallet is secured via a 12-word mnemonic phrase. There is also an alternative in the form of a generated file with an encrypted key. Users are supposed to enter it with their own passwords. Pin codes were also added.

The wallet's capabilities were fine-tuned for different groups of users. Its interface is lightweight and minimalistic, hints and tips are also displayed. Three clicks only are required to make a transaction.

Evercode Lab
Evercode Lab

The web- and Android-based wallets are fully compatible.

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