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Wallet for INK token and QTUM cryptocurrency - Web and Android

We helped the INK development team to implement work with the INK smart contract on the QTUM network.
1 month (web) and 1.5 months (mobile)
1.5 months (web) and 2 months (mobile)
React.js, Node.js,
Qtumcore-lib (by Evercode Lab)
Java, Bitcoinj (by Evercode Lab)

About project

At the end of 2017, INK smart contract based on QTUM blockchain was released. We developed web and Android wallets for this release.


  • the main task is user security
  • a simple interface for beginners, sufficient tools for experienced
  • compatible INK wallets with each other
  • own blockexplorer


Access to the wallet was made multi-level and vary.
A user can get access to the wallet with a mnemonic phrase of 12 words or with the backup file, which generated with an encrypted key and the user password. Also, we implemented a pin-code on the main screens of the wallet – you never know who your smartphone can get into your hands.

The possibilities of the wallet were developed for users with different experiences. The interface is light and minimalist, the main functions and fields with tips. So, you can create a transaction in three clicks. But we made some possibilities to “play” with the system. For example, users can choose a blockexplorer from the list or connect a custom blockexplorer.

Evercode Lab
Evercode Lab

INK wallets on the web and Android are fully compatible due to the unity of the derivation path and the mnemonic dictionary. At the same time, we implemented our own improvements in wallets for each platform - unification plus a good user experience.

For the best maintenance, we have deployed our own blockexplorer, which based on insight-api, working with QTUM blockchain and all smart contracts based on it.

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