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case 7

Official block explorer of the Decent blockchain

The Evercode Lab team developed the first official block explorer to launch the Decent blockchain.
2 weeks
Symfony, Node.js,
React.js, WebSockets,

About the blockchain project

Decent Explorer is the first block explorer launched for the official release of Decent blockchain.

Blockchain project task

The Evercode Lab team faces two following two main tasks:

  • The solution was to load data fast
  • The code was to be flexible so that frequent changes related to project requirements could be possible

We chose to build a universal application capable of loading data quickly in different situations. To do this, we used React.js, Redux, and server-side rendering. This enabled us to promptly provide users with the necessary info.

Our next priority was to reduce the server load. Since the explorer itself processed a large number of new blocks, we decided to apply socket notification. It made it possible for us to update information without the need to reload the page.

The development was constantly changing during the entire period. Owing to ever-changing requirements and updates, the code needed to be swiftly adapted to the altering customer needs. For greater flexibility, we chose the MongoDB database, which allowed us to work without a predefined data format.

It took us two weeks to submit the first functioning version of the block explorer. After that, we focused on code refactoring.

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