Decent Explorer - the official blockexplorer of Decent blockchain

We developed the first official blockexplorer for launch the blockchain Decent.


Alpha-release 2 weeks Release 4 weeks


Web Symfony, Node.js, React.js, WebSockets, MongoDB

About project

Decent Explorer is the first blockexplorer that was launched for the official release of Decent blockchain.


We had two main tasks:

  • high speed of loading data on the page
  • write flexible code which readies for frequent changes in project requirements


We chose to create a universal application to increase the speed of data loading in different situations. To do this, we used the React.js + Redux and server-side rendering for the first time page load, which allowed us immediately to show all the necessary information. The next step for solving the issue was to reduce the load on the server. Since the explorer is processing a large number of new blocks from the blockchain, we have decided to implement the transfer of data over sockets to update the information without reloading the page.

Development on this project was in changing requirements. New requirements and information came in during the development process, and the code needed to be adapted to the changing requirements of the customer. For flexibility, we chose the MongoDB database, which allowed us to work without a defined data format received from the Decent node.

We provided the first working version of blockexplorer to the customer for two weeks, after that we worked on code refactoring, because some technologies, such as React.js + Redux, were used the first time for server-side rendering.


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