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Evermarket – IT-solution for eCommerce

Evermarket for eCommerce

Evermarket is a marketplace that gathers the best offerings in one place. We provide customers with large scale of products. Sellers get access to new clients. However, Evermarket can be used for different industries (education, telemedcine, etc)

Evermarket is a perfect IT-solution for foodtech

With Evermarket you get an easy food delivery launch. Service provides order delivery and access to statistics: delivery time, delivery status, etc. We have a successful case using Evermarket – FoodFox (Yandex.Eats).

Is Evermarket suitable for other industries?

Yes, indeed. Evermarket isn't limited to foodtech. Data safety lets the service to be integrated in such industries as telemedicine and online learning. We have a case with telehealth solution - OnDoc.

Best platform for development of online medical consultations service

Evermarket for your eCommerce business

The ready-made structure allows you to customize the service to suit any design solutions. We are ready to both develop a personal design for your business and make improvements to the already finished Evermarket.

How to expand the functionality of the Evermarket?

If it is necessary to expand the functionality, we can develop an additional service (for example, delivery, payment systems, etc.).

How is support for the Evermarket provided?

We offer our services to support the platform and ensure its performance. We can also outsource the service to your team.

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