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case 2

Integration between Guarda Chrome extension and Ethereum dapps

Evercode Lab was contacted to create an integration between Guarda Wallet and dapps.
1 months
React.js, Redux.js,
Node.js, Web3.js

About the blockchain project

Guarda is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to access Ethereum-based dapps in the browser itself. At the same time, it can be safely used as a full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet in the form of a browser extension.

Blockchain Project Task

The main priority was to secure a user-friendly and quick interaction with the Ethereum blockchain when using Dapp-applications. This extension became a "bridge" that allowed running Dos without running the Ethereum node on your device. In turn, this makes it possible to process a payment or to make purchases via Guarda as a Chrome app.

Evercode Lab

To make ourselves clear, let's consider the process of interaction between this extension and a Dapp service called CryptoKitties.

Evercode Lab

After registering and connecting the extension (user addresses are transferred at this stage), users will be able to perform all operations fully via this service. While making a purchase, the user will be sent an invoice to confirm the operation.

Evercode Lab

The Guarda app will function with other Daps in the same fashion as with CryptoKitties. Thus, this extension is an effective tool for work with decentralized applications, for example, Ethermon, OxGAMES, IDEX.

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