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case 18

Knowledge assessment and evaluation system Ball

We designed and constructed an educational assessment system. Users can administer various tests and access detailed statistics derived from test results.
2 months
2 years
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL),
Twig, Bootstrap

About the project

The mission of the Ball system is to monitor the efficiency and performance of educational institutions.

IT project task

The objective of the project was to design the IT-solution capable of:

  • managing the testing process
  • creating and managing lists of students for testing sessions
  • conducting tests
  • "verifying the provided answers

Functionalities for teachers and tutors

The system was expected to provide tutors with the following capabilities:

  • available test sessions
  • active tests
  • completed test sessions
  • statistic
  • feedback

Testing script for tutors

To initiate a test session, teachers are required to input a list of available tests, choose one from the list, and proceed to its internal page.

On this page, a list is displayed featuring students who have not yet completed the test. It is possible to select a limited group of these students from the list, considering that the number of available places in a computer classroom may not be sufficient for the entire group.

Once a list is generated, the test becomes accessible to the selected students in their personal accounts, allowing them to commence their work on it.

Testing script for students

Each student has their own account in the system, allowing them to log in at any time.

Students can access their active tests (those currently being conducted) as well as review past and upcoming tests. It's important to note that for future tests, students only see the date, and these tests cannot be opened until the designated time.

Upon clicking ""Start testing,"" students proceed to the test page where they immediately encounter their first question.

Students can freely switch between questions, including those already answered, to modify their responses. Each question is highlighted in:

  • Green (answer provided)
  • Red (already viewed, no answer given yet)
  • Blue (not viewed)

Both single-choice and multiple-choice questions can be asked.

Upon completing a test, students move to the page displaying the full list of questions and their answers. At this point, they are unable to make any further changes. Once a testing session concludes, students can view the status of their questions as well as any comments left by reviewers.

All accounts are fully anonymous. The system itself does not retain personal information and data.

Script for tutors: completed tests

Tutors can perform the following actions when it comes to completed tests:

  • View or print completed test questions
  • Upload scans or pictures of written answers
  • View the test results of any student: questions, answers given by a student, and correct answers

Script for reviewers

Reviewers are tasked with assessing answers that cannot be checked and analyzed by the system. The interface for reviewers offers two types of lists: checked and not-yet-checked. All tests can be filtered by sessions, schools, or students.

On a dedicated page, reviewers have access to the task texts and attached files containing students' answers. Additionally, they can view a student's results that have been checked and verified automatically.

Reviewers have the right to check the pertinent task, leave comments, assess answers, and, if needed, attach manually corrected scans or pictures.

Features for admins

These functions are essential for inputting primary data and adding users.

Tests and questions

The page displaying a list of tests enables the creation of new tests and the editing of existing ones. This is also where questions can be created.


Each test on the test list screen is labeled with a session number, class, test, start date, and end date. Additionally, there is a list of students who are taking the test

Administrators have the capability to add students 'in batches,' as several thousand students may be taking a particular test. They can also manage users and catalogs (cities, districts, schools, subjects, etc.), access a review log, check the system status, and view statistics.


Statistics can be accessed by both tutors and admins, each with different levels of access rights. The available charts include:

  • Performance level by subjects
  • School ratings
  • Individual students’ performance
  • Attendance figures
  • Time of test sessions
  • Test results
  • Stats grouped by teachers
  • Mean grade
  • Dynamics related to the mean grades, students, and tutors

Sincerity in dialogue with the client, as evident in a genuine desire to help, reflects a deep commitment to the work. Individuals who are passionate about their work tend to excel in organizing and executing tasks. While marketing plays a role, the true value of a software product lies in the dedication and expertise of the development team. I express gratitude to the Evercode Lab team for their sincerity in work, prioritizing it at 95%, and acknowledging the role of marketing at 5%, which sets them apart from others.

Given that Evercode Lab successfully developed a complex testing system for an independent quality assessment system in general education, currently utilized by approximately 4,000 scholars, it is evident that the team is capable of handling intricate and significant tasks. The work they accomplished for you is more challenging than it may seem initially. Expressing gratitude to them for their accomplishments is well-deserved.

Arvydas Zilinskas, Owner at Educational Center ARNA.

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