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case 21

Development of cryptocurrency exchanges aggregator Swapzone. Version 2.0

2.5 months
React.js, Redux.js,
SSR, Node.js, Koa.js

About the project

Swapzone is an aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies at the most favorable rate. The service collects relevant information on the selected pair and shows the best exchange options.

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First version of the service was successfully launched and was perfectly functioning. However, the customer contacted us again to update the product. We faced the following tasks

  • Changing the design
  • Optimization of the user path
  • Extending the functionality of the admin panel


Changing the design

The appearance of the interface was changed – animation, new color solutions and more understandable display of exchange steps with additional information were added.

Previous version of design:

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Evercode Lab
Evercode Lab
Evercode Lab

New version of design:

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Evercode Lab
Evercode Lab
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Optimization of the user path

For quick and convenient search for the exchange, additional selection criteria were added for each exchange:

  • rating
  • reviews from different platforms
  • KYC
  • frequency of usage
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Also, now the user can enter the amount of coins or tokens for exchange, and depending on this, exchanges will display relevant rate for this exact amount. And there is no need to search for the best option yourself - the system does this automatically.

In the updated version of the service, we added clickable hash links so that the user can track his transactions.

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Extending the functionality of the admin panel

In this part, our team focused on three key aspects of the service: information about exchanges, transactions and reviews.

Thus, we added management of information about each integrated exchange (KYC, description, notification of an unavailable pair, if the exchange does not currently swap it).

In addition to transaction history, another option has been developed that will be useful for Swapzone managers. Now they can not only look through transactions that were conducted through a particular exchange, but also download information on each of them in a separate file. For convenience, a filter was added by the date and name of the exchangers.

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In the “Reviews” block we decided to create another section where it will be possible to add reviews from other various sites to the service. Plus, a mechanism for evaluating each exchange was introduced.

Thus, the user will have extensive information about each exchange and thanks to this, he will be able to choose the best option for himself.


Based on the results of the work, we completed tasks that will significantly improve the service:

  • Updated interface design (animation, new colors)
  • Additional criteria for choosing an exchange
  • Automatic selection of the best exchange offer, depending on the amount entered
  • Clickable hash links to transactions to have full control over them
  • Extension of information about the exchange provided to the user
  • An additional section “Reviews”, in which all reviews from other services are provided.
  • Ability to download a transaction report for each exchange with a filter by date and name.
  • Displaying the average exchange rating based on the voting by each user
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