Development of CRM for CADFEM CIS

Developed and launched SamovarCRM is a sales and project management system. It is able to manage a customer base, opportunities and deals, helps to manage tasks and planning the workload, generates documents and shows statistics.


Demo-release 3 months Release 7 months


Web Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL), ElasticSearch, Bootstrap

About project

CADFEM CIS is a software distributor, which training and consulting in the field of engineering analysis. The basis of the CADFEM CIS product line is ANSYS software tools. The company located in 6 Russian cities, where more than 60 employees.


Development of modules:

  • database of customers (companies, contacts)
  • sales (leads, opportunities, deals)
  • communications between sales managers
  • planning management (tasks, calendar, workload)
  • tools for top-managers (process control, statistic, reports)
  • document workflow (document management, proposal generate, letter generate)


Companies and contacts
Document generation system
Communication module
Блок комментариев. Если начать вводить логин, система показывает подходящие

Data transfer from prototype

We moved companies, company addresses, contacts, 2 types of commercial proposals and letters, tasks, users and comments of two types, having also processed various specific ../../cases.

Tool for import contacts from Microsoft Outlook

After the user uploads the import file to the system, CRM reads it. CRM ask the user to choose which contacts to add and which ones to ignore.

Pipeline report
Other tasks:
  • management of licenses and services
  • uploading of price lists
  • new task types

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