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case 14

The development of the TDCloud cloud control system.

We developed the TDCloud cloud service, providing the capability to receive and process data from measuring devices through a web interface, eliminating the need for infrastructure investment.
1 month
3 months
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL,

About the project

The project was executed in collaboration with Resenergo. How does TDCloud work?

  • Measuring devices are connected to the data transmission module, hereinafter referred to as the "Module."
  • The module transmits data from measuring devices to the TDCloud server.
  • The data is registered on the server, processed, and securely stored in data storage
  • The obtained data is accessible in the account on the website, presented in the form of graphs and tables.
  • The server generates a data log, which can be easily printed with a single click in a format suitable for submission to regulatory authorities.

Our solution

Our solution consisted of the following parts:

  • dynamic server configuration update
  • getting processed data from it
  • presenting data to the end user in the form of convenient graphs and monthly reports


The Modbus server, responsible for collecting data, operates on Windows and employs the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol to receive data. However, given our preference for a Unix environment, we opted for an alternative approach. We utilized an additional server feature, allowing the transmission of data via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) directly to the SQL server, using PostgreSQL. This enables us to access a set of readings that can be further processed and presented.

The web application was constructed using Ruby on Rails, and data from the counters are updated every 5-10 seconds.

After the launch, Resenergo gathered feedback from its customers, periodically reaching out to us for minor modifications and fixes.

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