Monitoring Systems

Development of systems for the collection, processing and visualization of data from monitoring devices to predict and prevent emergency situations.

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case 14

Development of cloud control system TDCloud

We have designed and developed cloud service TDCloud, which allows you to receive and process data from measuring devices via a web-interface without investing in infrastructure.
1 month
3 months
Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL,

About project

The project was implemented together with the company Resenergo. How does TDCloud work?

Evercode Lab


Our task consisted of the following parts:


Modbus server (which collect data) runs on Windows, implementing the DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) protocol for receiving data from it. For us, it was the wrong option since we live in a nix environment. Therefore, we used an additional server feature - send data via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) directly to the SQL server. In this case, we use PostgreSQL. Thus, we have access to a set of readings, which remains to be processed and show beautifully.

The web application was built on Ruby on Rails. Data from counters are updated ​​every 5-10 seconds.

Evercode Lab

After the launch, Resenergo collected feedback from its customers, periodically contacting us for minor modifications and fixes. At the same time, we are forming a list of works for the next stage, which will include both new features and optimizations for the current functionality.

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