Development of the web version of the ESCAR system

Allows you to store, monitor and provide information about the radiation parameters of the rooms and equipment of nuclear power plants.


Demo-version 2 weeks Release 2 months


Web Silex, Backbone.js

About project

The main application of Escar software requires updates on all computers. It needs time and human resources. So, by the request of Gelan, we developed a web version of their Escar software. It is the system for accumulate, store, monitor and provides information about the radiation parameters of NPP rooms and equipment.


A web application must contain all information from main application Escar and can be opened in standard browsers.


In the backend of the project was only a simple and lightweight API, which developed on the basis of the Silex micro-framework. The main part of the work went to the frontend, which was developed using backbone.js

The next important feature is the database. The escar system from Gelan uses Oracle in accordance with the requirements of NPP. So, our backend should work with it. We used Doctrine DBAL library for this.

An important nuance for us was that the NPP corporate policy does not allow a Linux server to be installed, so we deployed the entire stack on a Windows Server, preparing a complete instruction and testing the process on virtual machines.

Windows, of course, meant using IE as a browser. As a result, the project is compatible with IE above version 9 and other standard browsers.

As a result, the application was installed on the station and use. The quality of the result can be judged by the phrase by Igor from Gelan: “Everything is cool! Just like we have in the desktop version, one to one! ”.

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