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Evervault - secure data management for business

How does the Evervault secure data management product work?

Evervault is configured on a business's servers, providing a high level of data protection to their infrastructure. A key feature of the solution is that businesses and employees can use sensitive data in their work, while not disclosing it to employees or third parties - that is, only by pre-defined accesses and agreed scenarios. The platform allows customization and automation of data processes according to business needs.

Who is Evervault's secure data management platform for?

The platform is ideal for organizations that value control over their data and require a high degree of security in its management. This could be any company that deals with sensitive data, including financial institutions, healthcare providers, etc.

Benefits of our data management solution:

  • Complete flexibility and control over your data infrastructure
  • Rapid integration into the customer's existing infrastructure
  • Continuous updating and improvement of platform functionality
  • Intuitive interface for easy use and data monitoring.
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