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Evermarket — a solution to launch an eCommerce presence

Evermarket for eCommerce businesses?

Evermarket is an eCommerce service that does not deal with selling its own products. The purpose of Evermarket is to collect all the best offerings in one place. In this fashion, we provide online shoppers with a large selection of products and services at favorable prices. As for online sellers, we give them access to a productive environment and new potential buyers. Thus, Evermarket can be used for an entire range of industries such as online commerce itself, education, telemedicine, etc.

Evermarket as a perfect option for foodtech

Launching a food delivery service with Evermarket will be easy and expedient. Such integration will allow potential foodtech players to deliver orders without having to spend too much. In addition, service providers have access to detailed statistics on delivery: delivery time, delivery statuses, and so on. This approach proved itself to be very good in our business case with FoodFox (now Yandex.Eats).

Evermarket for other industries

Indeed, Evermarket is not limited to online food delivery service providers. One of its key advantages is data safety. Hence, this solution can be used as a basis for businesses in such sensitive fields as telemedicine and distance learning. With it, personal data will always be protected, so you won’t have to worry about personal IDs, medical records, and personal preferences of your future customers. Among other things, we helped deliver a project with OnDoc, a successful digital healthcare provider.

Best platform for development of online medical consultations service

The introduction of a delivery service is a great option for a Evermarket focused on gastronomy. This integration will allow sellers to use Evermarket delivery without spending resources on delivery service. Thus, sellers will have access to detailed statistics on delivery: the time of the dish return, delivery time, delivery statuses, and so on. This option was implemented in our FoodFox case (now Yandex. Eda).

Storing personal data can be a great option for the Evermarket in the field of medicine, distance learning, and any other markets that work with personal data. The personal data storage service allows you to work with personal IDs, personal medical documents, etc. The case with medical data was implemented in the OnDoc project.

What are the advantages of Evermarket for eCommerce?

Based on our experience, we defined the following priorities to secure efficiency of Evermarket:

  • it must provide a basis for being a catchy showcase
  • it should feature a convenient system for selling goods and services
  • it is also to offer a potential for automated management

Evermarket for your eCommerce business

We developed Evermarket as a ready-to-use structure serving as a ‘skeleton’. If you decide to launch your eCommerce service with it, any designs and visual elements will be possible. That is to say, it is going to be a matter of your target audience and its preferences as you see it. More than that, as long as visual trends are constantly changing, you will always be in the right position to alter the look of your Evermarket.

How do I add functionality to the Evermarket?

If there is a need for functional improvement of the Evermarket, an additional functional service is being developed (for example, delivery, data storage, payment systems, etc.), which will expand the existing functionality of the platform.

How will the Evermarket be supported?

You can choose the way the Evermarket will be supported in the future. One of the options is to support the service and ensure its performance. Another option may be to transfer the service for independent support to your support team.

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