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Evermarket - solution for creating an e-commerce service

What is Evermarket?

Evermarket is an online e-Commerce service that does not sell its own product or service. The purpose of the Evermarket is to combine the best offers in one place, providing the buyer with a large selection of products (services) and a favorable price, and offering to the sellers (suppliers) a competitive environment and new customers.

The Evermarket product can be used in various economic areas: trade, education, medicine, etc. Additional services are available to meet the needs of various areas.

Best platform for development of online medical consultations service

The introduction of a delivery service is a great option for a Evermarket focused on gastronomy. This integration will allow sellers to use Evermarket delivery without spending resources on delivery service. Thus, sellers will have access to detailed statistics on delivery: the time of the dish return, delivery time, delivery statuses, and so on. This option was implemented in our FoodFox case (now Yandex. Eda).

Storing personal data can be a great option for the Evermarket in the field of medicine, distance learning, and any other markets that work with personal data. The personal data storage service allows you to work with personal IDs, personal medical documents, etc. The case with medical data was implemented in the OnDoc project.

What is the Evermarket built on?

Based on our experience, we define the following attributes of a quality Evermarket:

  • developed showcase for offers
  • convenient system for selling goods and services
  • automated management

What will the Evermarket look like?

Since we already have a ready-made structure that acts as a skeleton, any design and visual solution can be strung on it. If you have only an idea about the appearance of the Evermarket, we will develop a personal design. But visual trends are constantly moving forward, so we are ready to make improvements to the already ready-made Evermarket.

How do I add functionality to the Evermarket?

If there is a need for functional improvement of the Evermarket, an additional functional service is being developed (for example, delivery, data storage, payment systems, etc.), which will expand the existing functionality of the platform.

How will the Evermarket be supported?

You can choose the way the Evermarket will be supported in the future. One of the options is to support the service and ensure its performance. Another option may be to transfer the service for independent support to your support team.

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