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Evercode Online Medic is an online medical consultations platform

Online healthcare system is a must. It streamlines the process of making an appoinment and getting a cosultation with a specialist.

The process is reduced to clicking a few buttons. Moreover, all medical record is stored in one place for quick access.

What is the Evercode Online Medic?

Evercode Online Medic is a telemedicine platform that keeps patients and doctors in one space.

Best platform for development of online medical consultations service

Patients can use filters to find the right specialist. They can choose specialty, gender, rating, price etc.

Doctors can provide consultations and keep patient's medical record.

How are telehealth consultations held?

Online medical consultations are held via audio call, video, or chat. All these telehealth formats can also be used simultaneously.

Patients can describe their problems before the consultation. That helps doctors make a diagnosis in advance.

At the end of the consultation the doctor may appoint a second one or send a prescription. The patient rates the consultation.

What are the advantages of Evercode Online Medic telehealth platform?

  • User-friendly interface
  • We customize the product to suit the design and requirements of your business

You get a new product under your brand in a few days

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Want to know more?
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