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Medicine, like many industries, is undergoing a profound change. Healthcare gradually migrates online and becomes more digitized. A decade ago, going to the doctor meant a long process of making an appointment and spending much time in the waiting line.

With the advent of telehealthcare platforms for online consultation, the entire process was reduced to pressing a few buttons and choosing a convenient time for the patient. On top of that, all medical recommendations and prescriptions are now stored in one place, i.e. in the form of an electronic medical record that cannot be lost. Moreover, it is accessible not only to patients but also to their attending physicians.

What is an online medical consultation service?

Evercode Online Medic is built as a telehealth platform bringing patients and doctors together.

Best platform for development of online medical consultations service

From a patient’s point of view, the main telehealthcare advantage is a convenient and quick online search for medical specialists: not only by a medical specialty but also by doctor’s preferred gender, rating, the price for medical consultation, or even name (if a particular patient wants to be consulted by this or that very doctor).

And as for doctors, wide functionalities are also provided allowing them to fully consult and keep a patient’s medical history.

How are telehealth consultations held?

Online medical consultations are held via audio call, video, or chat. All these telehealth formats can also be used simultaneously.

Before the consultation, the patient can describe the problem with which he or she wants to consult with the doctor, symptoms, and medical history via a special form. When providing such data, the medical specialist gets acquainted with the data in advance and at the time of the consultation can already make a diagnosis online.

At the end of the consultation, depending on the situation, the doctor may appoint a second consultation or send a prescription. The patient, in his or her turn, rates the consultation.

What are the advantages of our telehealth platform?

  • We developed a simple and intuitive interface that will make it easier to use the service not only by advanced users but also by those who are less familiar with such services.
  • We provide all our experience in the basic demo product, which we are adjusting and customizing to the customer requirements. Moreover, based on your color scheme, we can redesign the service.

As a result, our customers obtain a new product, tailored to the characteristics of their medical business without spending much time and budgets on software development.

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