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Everchain White Label Wallet — non-custodial crypto wallets for tokens

What is an Everchain White Label Wallet?

The Everchain White Label Wallet platform provides you with the capability to launch a full-fledged and ready-to-use non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet under your brand within just a couple of hours.

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Developing a custom wallet with our platform won't require you to spend money on the product design and or a development team. Instead, rely on our experience of more than two years. We know everything about supporting and building crypto wallets: with this platform, we will deliver outstanding results for you.

Your Blockchain for a Future Wallet?

Via our platform, we can build wallets based on such blockchains as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Binance (BEP-2 token)
  • Etherium (ERC-20 token)
  • NEO
  • EOS
  • TRON (TRX-20)
  • Waves

Look and Feel of Your Custom Crypto Wallet

Beyond any doubt, you can determine the look of your wallet. We know that product branding is important for any company, and crypto-wallets are no exception. You can not only add your logo but also set a unique color scheme that will help users identify the wallet with your asset.

Support and Maintenance

Уou are also free to choose whether you entrust us with supporting your wallet or, in case your development and support team is ready to handle this on your own, you will control the wallet code.


If you use our platform to build your crypto wallet, it will provide you with all the basic features:

  • Send tokens
  • Receive tokens
  • View transaction history

In addition, your audience will benefit from such advanced functionalities as:

  • Transaction fee control
  • ETH Nonce Transaction Management
  • Crypto exchange and exchange history*
  • Balance in fiat currencies
  • Ledger connection
  • Usage of multiple addresses at the same time
  • Auto backup setup
  • Sockets
  • Push notifications

*Such functionalities as exchanging, purchasing, and selling are added upon request

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