We are engaged in the development of e-commerce. Creation of an order management system, communication with the client and visualization of all processes.

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case 16

Updating the architecture of an online car parts store

We improved the architecture of an online car parts store to handle more orders.
3 months
5 months
React.js, Node.js,
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL)
React.js (mobile layout)

About IT project

The client is the owner of a regional online auto parts store. He contacted us with a problem: the slow speed of their e-commerce system when dealing with an increased number of orders.

IT project task

  • Increase the speed of order processing
  • Optimize the system for further growth


First of all, we conducted an analysis of the system and identified some technical errors occurring while working with orders. Although they did not directly affect functionalities, they did affect the speed of the system as a whole.

We also realized that the system was too monolithic and it needed to be divided into several separate projects, with each one interacting with another.

After we had fixed the errors, we started to work on the architecture, separating each part from the big application. The work was carried out iteratively. As an outcome, the system is now capable of processing 15% more orders.

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