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case 16

Upgrading the architecture of an online car parts store

We optimized the architecture of an online car parts store to efficiently manage a higher volume of orders.
3 months
5 months
React.js, Node.js,
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL)
React.js (mobile layout)

About the project

The client, the proprietor of a regional online auto parts store, approached us with an issue: the sluggish performance of their eCommerce system when faced with a growing number of orders.

IT project task

  • Increase the speed of order processing
  • Optimize the system for further growth


Initially, we conducted a system analysis and identified certain technical errors occurring during order processing. While these errors did not directly impact functionalities, they did contribute to a decrease in the overall system speed.

Additionally, we recognized that the system was overly monolithic and required division into several separate projects, each interacting with the others.

Following the resolution of errors, we embarked on restructuring the architecture, systematically separating each part from the larger application. This process was conducted iteratively. As a result, the system is now capable of processing 15% more orders.

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