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Atomic wallet – universal cryptocurrency wallet

The Evercode Lab team developed a multi-cryptocurrency wallet making it possible to perform cross-blockchain swaps. This wallet can be used in an anonymous fashion and stores keys exclusively on users’ devices.
4 months
6 months
Electron.js, Vue.js,
Node.js, Express.js,
Websockets, Web-RTC

About the blockchain project

Atomic Wallet is a one-of-a-kind crypto wallet for multiple assets. It combines the maximum level of security possible as well as anonymity for its end-users.

Blockchain project task

The principal goal of this blockchain project was to build a convenient, light, and robust cryptocurrency wallet. It was intended to offer anonymity, reliable encryption, and the capability to benefit from the most favorable exchange rates available. Safety and convenience were our priorities as well.

Crypto wallet solution

We and the customer team were preoccupied with the advanced functionality of the platform, its efficiency, and ease of use. On top of that, we understood efficiency as a complex combination of speedy crypto transactions, high quality, security, and anonymity.


To begin with, we engineered a dependable authorization system without compromising quality. The idea was to generate a mnemonic key, a set of 12 randomly generated words. Such phrases are stored by users only and used as logins to restore the wallet on other devices and as password recovery codes.

We also managed to enable users to sign transactions on their devices. As a result, it is not necessary to transfer unique keys to the network. Hence, these keys cannot be stolen there.

Crypto Transactions

Evercode Lab

All one needs to do to make a transaction is to enter a recipient's address and the number of crypto coins to be sent. Receiving crypto assets is also simple and based either on copying a wallet address or QR code.

Exchanging crypto assets is extremely easy too, owing to the fact that it is based on ShapeShift and Changelly: the wallet can independently identify the best possible rate. One can exchange several crypto currencies for a single crypto asset as well as vice versa.

Evercode Lab

Additional features:

  • Users can add funds to their Atomic wallets via the balance of another wallet (it is also possible to transfer all your crypto assets from the account of another wallet)
  • Users have access to a detailed wallet transaction history and can specify their favorite addresses for repeated transactions

Atomic Swaps for Crypto

Evercode Lab

For this multi-currency wallet, we used the method of Atomic Swaps to instantly exchange one cryptocurrency to another with no need to involve third parties. In other words, it is a purely P2P transaction. That is a significant advantage. With a typical exchange transaction, users send not only their crypto assets. They also share sensitive data with a third party, which means this data can be lost or stolen. With the Atomic Swap system, it is virtually impossible.

This system also enables you to speed up the crypto-asset exchange process. The speed itself depends on your particular currency. For example, the speed of bitcoin exchange via swaps can be around 30 minutes. In addition, this system reduced the transaction fees.

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