Hello everyone! This is our regular selection of news and stories we find interesting to our team, customers, friends, and crypto enthusiasts 


The Currency Analytics published a bold and daring prediction! What about living in a world where everything is tokenized? Would you feel comfortable in such a social and economic environment based on ‘Tokenomics’? 

The author feels confident that this future has already arrived and cites a long list of domains where it is already true, at least to some extent. Among others, he cites such areas, familiar to Evercode Lab as energy, health, retail and eCommerce, education and creative industries.      

As for us, the team of Evercode Lab would be happy to live on such a tokenized planet. First of all, we will definitely have more complex projects to work on if we get a chance to combine our knowledge of blockchain, crypto, tokens, and digital assets with more conventional industries. 

In fact, we as a team have already entered this brave new world with our products. For example, pay attention to the solution we helped create for the INK tokens within the QTUM blockchain micro-universe!  


The talk about tokenization was continued by MUO that posted an interesting guide on how to tokenize physical assets and create NTFs, understood as ‘creating digital tokens that represent ownership of a real-life asset’.

We hope this fashion associated with NTFs will not fade away, as tokens are of business priority for us! 


As of now, NTFs are very much alive and thriving. To corroborate this statement, one can cite this wonderful story from moneycontrol: in India, films, music, and sporting events are becoming a fixture in this country’s expanding NFT market. 

Recently, two local music stars offered their NFTs via WazirX, a crypto exchange featuring a dedicated NFT marketplace! These digitized collectibles were sold out quickly.

Evercode Lab loves to develop crypto exchanges and market places. Contact us to order one! 


While Bitcoin is still the crypto king, Ethereum is gradually expanding its market share. Bitcoin.com shared this positive news for the lucky owners of the world’s second most prominent digital asset: ‘Ethereum’s Crypto Economy Dominance Nears 20% as Ether Prices Rocket to Fresh Highs’. 

As a company possessing deep expertise in everything related to Ethereum – for example, we helped develop a relevant and popular wallet for Guarda and contributed to a successful integration between the Guarda Chrome extension and Ethereum dApps – we welcome these trends! 

If you want to learn more, check out our relatively recent case study!  


Some other optimistic forecasts have come from Australia. As news.com.au reports, experts assume that if the current trends continue, cryptocurrencies may leave the traditional forms of finance behind as early as 2019. Right now, as many as 17% of its residents own at least some digital assets, while another 13% are contemplating buying some soon. 

Evercode Lab hasn’t had any collaborations with Australian customers yet. However, if these estimates are true, we have a good chance to find a couple of clients there!    


Mark Cuban, a prominent billionaire investor, urged his Twitter followers to perceive crypto as currencies. In this opinion, one should better view them as ‘decentralized, secure, networked platforms’ enabling teams to develop apps that would offer ‘unique utility for individuals and businesses’.

This is an interesting attitude! Whatever your stance is, we at Evercode Lab would be happy to build such apps for you, dear customers!