Development of personal health care system ONDOC

Developed an API for mobile application and a web interface. The system helps to store personal medical information, analyze and identify the best way to strengthen and maintain your health.


Collaboration 1.5 years


Web Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL), Twig, Bootstrap

About project is a personal health care system which includes various services for the safe storage of personal health information, comprehensive analysis and identifying the best way to strengthen and maintain your health.


Development of:

  • an API for mobile apps
  • admin panel
  • operator panel
  • the web version of the project -

Assistance in interviewing programmers for in-house development.


We had many tasks at the start of the project, so we moved gradually.

Alexander, the founder of the project, planned to launch and develop an iPad application first. Therefore, the first stage of work was the development of an API for mobile apps. At the same time, the admin and operator panels were created in the web interface.

After the first release of the application, project managers decided the need for a web version that would give more people access to the project functions. This is

Also in a personal account on the site, were many interesting decisions in graphs and display of information.

In the autumn of 2014, we completely transferred the project to the customer team.

It is unlikely that you will find a team of programmers who will do everything so that you avoid mistakes and will think about your project as a business product. But I was lucky to meet these - this is Roma and his team Evercode Lab.

From the beginning of the collaborate work, Roma actually became a mentor for me and encouraged me to think about things that I did not know due to my lack of experience, helped me choose the optimal product development strategy. And it was an incredible bonus that I could not expect from an external team.

The right questions also helped to define the phases, and this greatly simplified the development process, making it transparent and understandable.

Alexandr Konstantinov, CEO at Ondoc.

Evercode Lab