Our telehealth solutions help medical companies and healthcare providers work better, win new customers, simplify and boost access to health services, and improve the way they treat patients and clients. Evercode Lab builds tools for monitoring, personal medical record-keeping, intelligent document management, and important telehealth needs.

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case 17

ONDOC personal healthcare platform

Evercode Lab developed an API for a mobile application as well as a web interface. This system helps store personal medical information in a secure fashion, analyze and identify the best way to strengthen and maintain your health.
1.5 years
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL),
Twig, Bootstrap

About IT project is a healthcare system that encompasses various features to store health-related information as well as to comprehensively analyze and identify best healthcare practices.

IT project task

Evercode Lab was entrusted with building the elements:

  • API for mobile apps
  • admin panel
  • operator panel
  • web version, i.e.

Another task was to provide assistance in interviewing tech staff for the purpose of in-house development.

IT solution delivered

The Evercode Lab faced a lot of tasks at the start, so we decided to advance gradually.

Alexander, the founder, planned to launch and develop an iPad application first. Therefore, the first stage was dedicated to developing an API for mobile apps. At the same time, the admin and operator panels were created for the web interface.

After the first release of the app, project managers realized the need for a web version. It was intended to provide convenient access to more functions. That is how was created. Finally, an attractive design was offered regarding graphs and the display of information in general.


It is unlikely you will find a software development team that will do everything possible to avoid mistakes and view your project as a business product. But I was lucky to meet such a team. I mean Roman and his team at Evercode Lab.

From the very outset of our collaboration, Roma became a mentor for me and encouraged me to think about things that I did not know due to my lack of experience. He helped me choose the optimal product development strategy. It was an incredible bonus I could not expect from an external team.

The right questions also helped define the necessary phases; this greatly simplified the development process, making it transparent and understandable.

Alexandr Konstantinov, CEO at

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