Our telemedicine solutions assist medical companies and healthcare providers in functioning more efficiently, acquiring new customers, simplifying and enhancing access to health services, and refining patient and client treatment. We develop tools for monitoring, maintaining personal medical records, managing documents, and addressing crucial telehealth requirements.

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Personal healthcare platform ONDOC

We have created an API for a mobile application and a web interface. This system aids in securely storing personal medical information and analyzing the optimal methods to enhance and maintain one's health.
1.5 years
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL),
Twig, Bootstrap

About the project is a healthcare system that incorporates various features for storing health-related information and comprehensively analyzing and identifying best healthcare practices.

IT project task

We were entrusted with building the components

  • API for mobile apps
  • admin panel
  • operator panel
  • web version, i.e.

Another task involved providing assistance in interviewing technical staff for the purpose of in-house development.

IT solution delivered

We faced numerous tasks at the outset, prompting us to adopt a gradual advancement approach.

The founder intended to launch and develop an iPad application initially. Consequently, the initial stage was focused on developing an API for mobile apps. Simultaneously, the admin and operator panels were created for the web interface.

Following the initial release of the app, project managers recognized the need for a web version to offer convenient access to additional functions. This led to the creation of Eventually, an appealing design was implemented for graphs and the overall display of information.


It is rare to find a software development team that goes to great lengths to minimize mistakes and views your project as a business product. I was fortunate enough to encounter such a team, specifically Roman and his team at Evercode Lab.

From the very beginning of our collaboration, Roma assumed the role of a mentor for me, encouraging me to consider aspects that I was unfamiliar with due to my lack of experience. He assisted me in selecting the optimal product development strategy, providing an unexpected and valuable bonus from an external team.

Asking the right questions also aided in defining the necessary phases, significantly simplifying the development process and making it transparent and comprehensible.

Alexandr Konstantinov, CEO at

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