2021 has been an eventful year for our company. First of all, our Agile team doubled in size. With this IT talent pool at our disposal, we have implemented several challenging IT initiatives, attracted new clients, and mastered new skills. On top of that, we were recognized as a company of choice for small-and-medium-sized businesses and startups by a range of directories.

Today, we would like to discuss these achievements in greater detail.

By the way, if you intend to carry out new sophisticated blockchain and crypto projects next year, do not hesitate to contact us. Collaborating with Evercode Lab will reveal new web3 horizons for your business!

The Evercode Team

To begin with, we would like, once again, to greet the fresh members of the Evercode Team and say how we value their contribution. Here is how our team looks now:

  • 35 team members across 3 continents
  • 120+ challenging IT projects delivered in full and on time in our portfolio
  • Emphasis on web 3.0 initiatives as the next great frontier for the global tech 
  • Multi-faceted tech stack, including React, React Native, Node, JavaScript, C++, Typescript, Nest.JS, PostgresQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc. 

It all became possible owing to how we hire and onboard people. Within the framework imposed by an extremely competitive market, we focused on such priorities as: 

  • Following the best practices in the industry, we find professionals, whenever possible, “beyond degrees.” Thus, a proven track record, ambition, and practical expertise mean more to us than formal credentials
  • As a result, we are determined to help professionals gradually grow under our guidance. It is a valuable source of fresh ideas and helpful contributions
  • Diversity in IT is good, thus, you can find people from all over the world at Evercode, be it North America, Africa, Asia, the CIS countries, etc. 

Evercode’s Acknowledgments 

Over the previous year, we have been acknowledged by a range of prominent information portals aggregating info about the most reliable IT outsourcing companies. Just to name a few, you can find us at: 

  • Top Software Development Companies by SuperbCompanies
  • Top Custom Software Development Companies by iTRate
  • Highest Rated Blockchain Software Companies according to Serchen  

However, the most precious reward for us is all about the reviews and feedback of our happy customers. Below you can find a couple of examples written in 2021.

Sergey Dryamov, CMO at ChangeNOW

Evercode Lab helped us to develop our NOW Wallet. Their team is both skillful and reliable when it comes to complex IT solutions in the cryptocurrency industry”


Douglas Ayela, CEO at BitAprica 

Evercode Lab is a great partner…They know our field very well and are attentive to details. Their project management skills are also extremely useful”

Evercode’s Custom Software Development Achievement 

In 2021, we have released a lot of top-notch software products to manage crypto assets. It would take too much space to describe all of them in greater detail. That is why we can get an overall idea of our skills and expertise by checking out NOW Wallet

Our team was extremely happy to contribute to that ambitious project launched by ChangeNOW as a “community-inspired crypto wallet.” Among other things, we have helped the customer implement the following functionalities

  • Quick in-app crypto exchange, in just a few clicks
  • Buying crypto with fiat currencies based on the best available exchange rates
  • Exercising total control over digital assets and private keys
  • Creating several wallets for various digital assets

That wallet was only launched two months ago. However, there has been enough time for it to become a 5-star rated app on the App Store!

Evercode’s White Label Crypto Wallet

At the same time, one of the  main achievements for us this year is the Evercode’s WL Wallet for crypto coins and tokens. We have invested our entire experience and skill set into the development process, and so far, the results look quite promising!

Even the basic edition of the Evercode Lab Wallet provides a wide range of capabilities your end-user would surely appreciate! These include iOS / Android app, 3 coins as well as sending and receiving crypto currencies, tracking your transaction history, using a mnemonic phrase and pin-code. As for the look and feel of your WL solution, it will match your brand.

However, with Evercode Lab you can order an extended edition covering almost every conceivable and complex requirement, including but not limited to:

  • Lightning support
  • NFTs
  • DeFi 
  • dApps 
  • Over 300 coins and 50 000 exchange pairs 
  • you name it!

We expect that in 2022 our White Label wallet will change the way customers and end-users perceive such tools!

Evercode’s Plans 

Beyond any doubt, the Evercode Lab team is not going to rest on our laurels. Quite the contrary, right now we are contemplating a range of far-reaching projects. For example, in 2022, we hope to launch a unique white-label crypto exchange! So stay tuned! A lot is going to happen!