It is our second last digest of the most important news and trends in the crypto world in 2021. We have already published our recap of this eventful year. Check it out if you missed it. Soon, we are going to post an overview of the blockchain industry as a whole. However, as long as the web 3.0 economy hasn’t gone on holidays yet, there is still time for Evercode’s crypto news digest!  


In terms of crypto, the Federal Republic of Germany can be seen as a paradox. On the one hand, Europe’s most important economy is far from crypto-negativism. On the other hand, Germany’s inherent economic conservatism and cautious policies do not make it a leader when it comes to adopting digital assets.

However, this may change gradually. The nation’s “Sparkasse”, its savings bank, announces a far-reaching initiative. According to Reuters, this “conservative bastion” accounting for over €1 trillion, is planning to offer “a wallet to trade cryptocurrency!”

As a company proud of its own White Label Wallet for digital assets, we at Evercode Lab are curious about how the resulting product might look and what capabilities it is going to offer!

But still, it is inspiring news!


In line with their German colleagues, one of the top Swiss banks is also promoting a crypto initiative. The DACH region is traditionally viewed as a relatively crypto-friendly place. This piece of news lives up to that reputation.

Swissquote, the county’s largest online bank, is about to “launch a cryptocurrency exchange” to match its customer’s growing demand for the web 3.0 age assets! More than that, following this plan, the bank intends to partner with another major next-gen finance hub, i.e. with the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), to “allow fund managers to store private keys to their Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC).”

Well, as it seems to us at Evercode Lab, it is a quite conservative yet extremely reliable selection of coins. 


Let’s be honest, we are all waiting for the coming Winter Holidays! What are you planning to present as gifts to your significant others, relatives, friends, and colleagues for Christmas and a Happy New Year?

As CNBC reports, many young people and adults in the US, both Millennials and Gen Z, will surprise their loved ones! They want to “spend thousands on cryptocurrency, NFTs, and metaverse land” as gifts!

It seems to us that the web 3.0 age has really arrived! After all, can any other investments compare with holiday gifts?


What’s the best way of gifting crypto for such young Americans? Robinhood offers an option! If you are a user of this app for trading, you can send crypto to your loved ones as a gift, as little as $1 in BTC, ETH, DOGE, 7 coins in total! By the way, one does not need to pay any commission!

Great idea!


Another NFT initiative is becoming more and more publicized. America’s former first lady, Ms. Melania Trump is going to start selling her NFTs via the Solana blockchain. The tokens will be released “in regular intervals” and cost roughly $150.

What is interesting in purely tech terms is the fact that Ms. Trump does not partner with Solana: “her choice to use the Solana blockchain was completely organic, and this project is not part of any Solana-led initiative.”

So it seems to be about tech, efficiency, and business, not about marketing and promotion.