The team of Evercode Lab is always delighted to help ambitious and successful companies build outstanding products! Today, we are happy to share some info about one more IT project of this sort. First, we are happy to congratulate ChangeNOW upon the release of their NOW Wallet. Second, we are more than proud of the chance to say that we have helped the ChangeNOW team to turn this solution into reality.

As an IT outsourcing company, we enjoy collaborations with crypto service providers willing to offer a new level of comfort, usability, and security to their end-clients. On the one hand, it gives us a chance to apply our blockchain expertise and industry-specific experience to their requirements. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity to offer some of our insights and ideas.

Recently, one of such collaborations generated an outstanding cryptocurrency wallet: NOW Wallet.

As the most recent press release published by the ChangeNOW team states:

“High-speed crypto exchange platform ChangeNOW has announced the launch of its own non-custodial NOW Wallet. The wallet is available in beta version on iOS and Android devices and offers users the ability to make transactions in over 20,000 currency pairs regardless of geolocation”

What is priceless about the new solution is that, as ChangeNOW emphasises, it is a “community-inspired” tool to manage your digital assets.

With this wallet at your disposal, you can:

  • Exchange crypto assets via the app with just a few clicks
  • Purchase crypto assets with fiat currencies while benefiting from the best possible fiat-to-crypto exchange rates
  • Feel safe while exercising full control over your money and private keys
  • Create several wallets for different crypto assets

Feel free to test this new NOW Wallet available with both iOS and Android-based devices:

App Store

Google Play

Best wishes to the team of NOW Wallet and its future users!