Today, as usual, we are going to publish a selection of crypto news and blockchain trends we find interesting! Keeping abreast of the latest trends in the web 3.0 world is of enormous importance to us since Evercode Lab seeks to be a top-performing blockchain development company well-aware of what is happening around us. 


Crypto lives up to its reputation of a great equalizer for the groups who have previously been underrepresented in the world of investments! This time, it is Australia’s turn. As it turns out, female Aussies have developed a strong taste for crypto.

FXSTREET reports that, according to a recent survey, “the number of women who currently or have previously invested in crypto rose from 10.3% in 2020 to 20% in 2021.” As for the share of BTC owners, it now is as high as 14.8%, in comparison with 8.3 last year. 

We at Evercode can only say that we greet women’s enthusiasm regarding digital countries in any country, be it Australia, the States, India, you name it!  


Gibraltar, a British territory, announces a daring plan. The local government intends to apply the potential of blockchain to its sector of public services. 

The initial stage of that program looks like that: based on the “existing eGov system…used to access public service,” the government of Gibraltar wants to start storing “government-issued and certified credentials” via blockchain.

For Evercode Lab any attempt to go beyond crypto assets as investments and legal tenders with blockchain technology! 


Several top-managers representing America’s 6 main crypto companies urge the US Congress to define “clearer rules for the booming $3 trillion industry.” Indeed, as such examples as China show, one should always be seeking to strike a perfect balance between grey areas and bans in the crypto industry. More than that, going to far with regulations is a bad idea as well, since “overly tough restrictions would push it overseas” for sure!


Many US investors start abandoning the stock market to invest more in digital assets. According to a recent poll conducted by CivicScience, almost a quarter participants are “they or someone they know have sold stocks or bonds to invest in crypto.”

While one should not be overoptimistic, it is a positive trend for the blockchain industry!


Finally, good news from the world of social media to mark the end of this week: WhatsApp has confirmed it is testing a new feature that enables the “U.S. users to send money without paying fees, using cryptocurrency!”