This winter is almost over! We at Evercode Lab hope that the ‘crypto winter’ will also end soon! So let’s take a look at our fresh selection of crypto news and trends shaping the image of the coming spring! We hope this is going to be crypto spring! 


Coinbase, one of the world’s top crypto exchanges, is going to give a lot of tech people a chance to join the crypto world. As we know now, the company is planning to hire as many as 2,000 new employees in 2022! All those members expected to join such teams as Product, Design, and, quite naturally, engineering.  

We at Evercode Lab have already mentioned on several occasions that crypto is quickly becoming a lucrative direction for tech savvies all around the IT world. This is another reflection of this trend.


Even if you are not into art and historical artifacts, you must have heard at least something about Sotheby’s. Well, that auction house has also joined the crypto wave. As they have announced, Sotheby’s is going to accept crypto payments ‘for an auction including a sports memorabilia non-fungible token (NFT) sale for the first time’ ever.

By the way, if you use a white label crypto solution provided by Evercode Lab, you can safely store even the most expensive NFTs (ok, we admit that none of our current customers are likely to buy anything from Sotheby’s right now).


What do ordinary people know about Luxemburg? Fact one, they speak French. Fact two, it is not a big country. Fact three, their banking sector resembles another Switzerland. Fact four?

Well, as the local PwC hub states, on the basis of their recently completed research, ‘61% of 123 Luxembourg-based financial players are embarking or planning to embark on a crypto journey.’


Warren Buffett, a true guru of the finance world, has always been known as a crypto-skeptic. Something might have changed since recently, however. As it is announced Berkshire Hathaway, run by Mr. Buffet and Charlie Munger, ‘recently purchased shares worth about $1 billion in NuBank, a digital, Brazil-based neobank, one of the largest digital financial services providers in Latin America.’

The case is that NuBank is known for its interesting policy: while it is not directly involved in crypto trading, its investment unit does facilitate users to invest in crypto and BTC ETFs.


Coindesk ponders over an important question: what’s the percentage of personal funds one can invest in crypto? In this respect, two estimates are cited. First, they mention a piece of 2019 research by Yale, that recommended a share between 4% and 6% as ‘an appropriate amount of a portfolio to allocate to crypto.’ On the other hand, there is a more conservative estimate. As many ‘financial advisors, certified financial planners, and other money experts’ state, a limit between 1% and 5% would be better.

How much you are going to invest is up to you exclusively. It is always your decision and your responsibility. No matter how much your company is going to allocate for crypto, the Evercode White Label Wallet for crypto is an optimal choice for your business. With it, you can not only safely store your digital assets, but also benefit from crypto staking!