The moment has arrived for a fresh digest of the most important news and trends. We at Evercode Lab are always focused on what matters for the crypto industry. And it is always our pleasure to present our findings to you!


Here is a piece of news fans of crypto and fast food cannot miss! Burger King partners with Robinhood Crypto and is going to give away BTC, ETH, and Doge! All it takes to be a member of the Royal Perks loyalty program and spend 5 bucks via the Burger King app! 

Beyond any doubt, most people are most likely to earn DOGE, however, Bitcoin is also a real chance.

This news is notable for two reasons. First of all, people like Burger King so it will definitely attract some attention to crypto. Second, digital assets are now used to support various loyalty programs and promotions in many resourceful industries. So if you have such a project on your mind, do not hesitate to contact Evercode Lab.


Crypto is a fact of life not only in the fast-food industry but also in the world of cinema and entertainment. We have already discussed the phenomenon of NFTs and the role they play. It seems Quentin Tarantino wants to join that trend to capitalize on it! 

As CNBC reports, the popular movie director is about to auction off seven uncut fragments of “Pulp Fiction” via OpenSea, a special marketplace for NFTs. 

All we can say at Evercode Lab is as follows: we wonder what the eventual price will be…


The Mayor of Miami, a Republican politician, states that he intends to become America’s first politician receiving his paycheck in BTC. While many details stay unclarified – after all, it all may stay just a Twitter chat – the idea sounds interesting!

While digital assets are already widely used as investments and, to a lesser extent, as means of payment, the next crucial milestone hasn’t been reached yet. When will it become a viable and regular option to get paid in BTC or ETH in several developed economies? 

We at Evercode Lab hope that day will come sooner than expected! 


In the US, cryptocurrencies make it possible for employees to quit low-paying and low-quality jobs! As Gadgets360 stresses, this is an integral part of the ongoing “great resignation”, i.e. “a mass exodus of salaried people in the US” due to “bad working conditions, the pandemic, and poor wages”. 


The Sydney Morning Herald emphasizes the fact that the Wall Street Companies are actively hiring crypto experts and building a real crypto-army with “sweet premiums” paid to recruits!