The Evercode Lab team greets our visitors and customers. Here we are, with a fresh selection of crypto news that we see as important for the industry. We believe that any company willing to succeed in this competitive market should strive to be informed to the greatest extent possible. Here is another result of our monitoring efforts.


The research center of the Bank of America released a report with explicitly bullish views on non-fungible tokens, Ethereum, and Decentralized Finance in general. Its positive attitudes were expressed with such passages referring to blockchain economy as “the most exciting new market in years” and “too large to ignore”. 

In other words, the document released states that digital assets based on blockchain technology are capable of constituting “an entirely new asset class”. The experts working at Bank of America Global Research, among other things, assume that blockchain may soon be used not only to invest but also to save, borrow, or lend money. According to them, in the near future, these assets might become a means to “pay for gas or pizza” (or even a fraction of a supercar).

We at Evercode Lab are always happy to read news like this. Most well-established institutions in the world of traditional finance were initially extremely skeptical towards crypto and blockchain. However, the situation is changing gradually.   

So, if you want to enable your users to pay for pizza and gas with your envisioned crypto solutions, it is the best moment to get in touch with Evercode Lab.   


The Economic Times mentions an interesting trend. India is becoming one of the fastest-growing crypto regions on a global scale! Together with Vietnam and Pakistan, India is certainly a leader in terms of “demand for digital coins”, its crypto adoption rates in general, and even “institutional-sized transfers.” 

We have already cited India’s success stories on several occasions. As usual, the Evercode Lab is delighted to read new exciting news from this country and happy to collaborate with customers from there! 


US Bank, America’s 5th retail bank, announces a daring initiative! In conformity with its plans to meet the demands of institutional investors, this banking entity is going to start offering BTC custody services to fund managers.    

The main driver of this decision is to assist investment managers with safely storing private keys for BTC, BTC cash, and even Litecoin.

The only comment from Evercode Lab: we are waiting for the moment when the entire list of America’s top ten leading banks adopts crypto! 


All of a sudden, the world learns that Soros’ fund does own some digital assets, namely BTC. At least, that is what the CIO at the Soros Fund Management says. How many coins? According to this spokesperson, Dawn Fitzpatrick, it is all about having “some coins”, “but not a lot.”

How much is that? Does it mean dozens? Hundreds? 


Just as we have already said on a couple of occasions, those jurisdictions that are trying to ban crypto will inevitably have to face some economic consequences. This news confirms this self-evident “prophecy”: China Securities Journal claims that over “20 crypto companies are leaving the Chinese market” because of the country’s tough policy and “tight regulations.”

Well, eventually, these companies will find new crypto-friendlier jurisdictions!