Dear fellow crypto enthusiasts! The moment for one more news digest on industry news and trends has arrived. Here is what our team has paid attention to and what we have discussed with each other during the coffee breaks!  


The Times of India reports that crypto is now a popular direction for the loan industry: ‘lending and borrowing’ in digital assets is gaining in impetus, which may indicate the ascendance of a new financial era. For example, this periodical cites the example of BlockFi with a ‘4,50,000 retail customer base’.   

While we at Evercode Lab haven’t yet worked on projects of this kind, it is a pleasure to see how crypto revolutionizes this aspect of finance as well! 


The Crypto News site cites a recent report by Moody’s predicting that stablecoins together with “central bank digital currencies” may be the force that will “dislodge financial incumbents from their dominant role as middlemen” in the world of finance. 

While the idea of CBDCs and stablecoins contradicts the initial spirit and intentions behind crypto (at least to some extent), this possible future diversification should be greeted as a positive factor.

By the way, one of the crypto wallets we helped build some years ago, Guarda, now supports not only “50 major blockchains” and hundreds of tokens, but also several dozen stablecoins as well. Among other things, you can create a USDC wallet with them.


Africa’s market of crypto assets has expanded by 1 200% over the last year! Although it is still not that big in comparison with older ones, these rates are more than impressive! On top of that, six of the TOP-20 nations in terms of cryptocurrency adoption are located in this continent: 

– Kenya

– Nigeria 

– Togo 

– South Africa 

– Ghana 

– Tanzania 

The Evercode Lab team is proud of our successful partnerships with African companies working in this next-gen fintech industry. In this respect, we would like to point out the BitAprica project we contributed to. Needless to say, we would be happy to help this market grow even further via the solutions we built in collaboration with our African customers! 


All the problems notwithstanding, the crypto world continues to follow in the footsteps of traditional finance. At least, this is what this piece of news implies: Coinbase, America’s top crypto exchange service, submitted a potentially far-reaching application. Namely, it seeks to become a Futures Commission Merchant registered by the National Futures Association. 

While the eventual result is far from clear, the news itself is good!


Finally, Britain has a surprise in store for us. More precisely, it is not the UK, it is rather PayPal in the UK. The online payment giant launches a full-fledged cryptocurrency service in the country, so its British clients can now “hold and sell digital currencies” via their accounts! 

As a company focused on cryptocurrency solutions and fintech in general, with some outstanding eCommerce projects behind, we are happy to see the continuing adoption of crypto for everyday life!