Dear professionals, customers, and enthusiasts interested in the world of crypto-economy. Here is one more weekly digest of news covering the most important trends in digital assets our team believes to be worthy of attention. Evercode Lab always strives to keep abreast of promising initiatives so that we can be 100% prepared for a new ground-breaking blockchain project. Below you can see the result of one more week of our constant monitoring. 


A Macro Strategist working for Deutsche Bank answered some interesting questions publicized by that prominent organization. Among other things, she admitted that she could view BTC as a 21st-century digital substitute for gold. 

The two key contributing factors the speaker mentioned were as follows:

  • First of all, the supply, in this case, is obviously fixed, therefore BTC resembles gold to a significant extent 
  • Second, as she correctly stresses, many people want to invest in assets that are not directly controlled by national governments. As of now, Bitcoin also matches this criterion. 

Quite paradoxically – yet still 100% correctly – she mentions the fact that this very lack of government regulation not only attracts people to BTC but also scares them: “while it was a very important advantage for first users, it prevents many investors or businesses from entering the market”.

Well, we at Evercode Lab hope (and there are multiple teams all over the globe hoping for the same development) that finance and fintech in particular will steer a middle course between independence and regulation leading to a greater degree of global acceptance ASAP. 


The Times of India reports that China’s recent “crackdown” on digital assets may become a stroke of luck for the US. For example, this periodical cites a Tweet published by a local lawgiver from Pennsylvania: according to this Senator, this new situation presents a great “opportunity for the US”  and “serves as a reminder of America’s great structural advantages.”

Setting political and diplomatic issues apart – for Evercode Lab it is neither about America, nor about China, nor about inter-state rivalries – this might be an important precedent. Rejecting crypto assets and the economic transformation they are fueling is a bad choice. Hence, the countries that are not trying to outlaw digital currencies outright but try to absorb them and shape a suitable legal regime for them will certainly capitalize on this crypto trend.


Hindustan Times publishes some interesting data for those crypto projects located in India and interested in marketing their blockchain projects better. In other words, this piece features an overview of the local cryptocurrency owners: 

  • 83% of Indians living in cities are aware of the fact that such digital assets exist

  • 16% of them report to own at least some digital assets in varying quantities

As for the leading strata, this recent study reveals quite predictable figures: 

  • Across India’s top 4 metropolitan areas, the figure is as high as 20% 
  • Regarding the customers of the “private banking” service providers, it is 19% 
  • Those at the age between 21-35 years are also susceptible to owning crypto, with an 18% share

There is only one conclusion one can draw here: if you run a next-gen fintech company focused on crypto assets and want to offer a brand new solution to your target audiences, you should contact Evercode Lab ASAP. Together, we will build an outstanding blockchain tool for young Indians living in Mumbai and Delhi! 


As we have already mentioned, the German-speaking countries (Germany and Switzerland) are certainly Europe’s pioneers in terms of crypto adoption. However, this piece of news is peculiar even against this backdrop. 

The chances are high that the Swiss authorities are going to build a bridge between crypto and one of the most conservative institutions one can imagine. Yes, we mean the national postal service!

Guess what, “the national postal service of Switzerland is working to” link “physical stamps and the digital cryptocurrency industry”. Their idea in this respect is to introduce tradable digital stamps. In other words, this initiative has something to do with the NFT phenomenon. After all, they define this experiment as “a digital collectible linked to a physical stamp issued by the postal service”!

The Evercode wishes them luck and hopes they will succeed! It is an incredible plan!  


TikTok, the main social networking service used by zoomers, is in step with the time! This video-sharing platform is launching a collection of NFTs based on, so to say, ‘culturally significant videos’. Those tokens are going to be auctioned, so participants need to have Ethereum wallets to buy those digital items.

If you, by any chance, are brave enough to compete with TikTok in the NFT domain, do not hesitate to contact the Evercode Lab team! We are also extremely interested in NFT projects right now!