It is the right time for our weekly update, with news, trends, and developments we find interesting and important for the industry. Blockchain is the world where we work and live. Hence, it is always our pleasure to share our opinions!


AMBCrypto shares fresh news from France. It is likely that Crypto Blockchain Industries, a local company focused on digital assets, will be listed by the Paris Euronext Growth stock market. 

France is normally not mentioned too often as a newsmaker when it comes to crypto. However, we at Evercode Lab are happy to learn that positive developments take place not only in Germany and Switzerland but also in this prominent European country! 


Elon Musk is both a hero and an anti-hero of the crypto world. However, no one can reject the eventual importance of his words and reactions. Sometimes it seems that all it takes to make waves across the blockchain ocean is publishing Musk’s latest opinion. 

This time, this multi-billionaire revealed some interesting info concerning his crypto portfolio. As Tesla’s thought leader says, so far, he has invested in BTC, ETH, and DogeCoin only. 

Well, at least it is a pleasure to know that we also work with Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


Another top-performing region is adopting crypto. This time, it is all about Dubai, the main success story of the Middle East. The Bitcoin Fund, a closed-based one, is approved by the local Financial Services Authority. If this step attracts more institutional investors to crypto, this will be great! 

28.10, an increasingly popular crypto solution, uses Matt Damon in its marketing efforts to lure new users. In fact, crypto is not only a sector of the world economy in its own right. It is also an integral part of the global show business. At the same time, starring such a prominent actor is still a certain milestone!


FinTech discussed the phenomenon of proptech and how blockchain can revolutionize the way we view and manage property. Indeed, blockchain may be a game-changer in the domain of real estate.

Among other things, it is capable of “eliminating middlemen”, maintaining security and ensuring transparency, reducing associated fees, automating transactions, and upgrading data management.