This week, the Evercode Lab hasn’t only kept on developing outstanding crypto solutions for our customers. We have also been carefully monitoring the most important developments in the crypto domain to stay well-prepared for possible changes in the future. Below you can find a regular update from us.


Cointelegraph reported a figure of importance to those who welcome more institutional involvement in the crypto market: the total amount of assets “held by institutional managers” rose to $72.3 billion. It was the record high, especially in comparison with as much as $57 in March. It was no surprise that BTC was the most attractive asset. 

This trend is likely to continue, which inevitably leads to two implications. On the one hand, the institutional share will keep on rising. There are many potential investors ready to follow suit. At the same time, the crypto market will be subject to more and more regulations worldwide. 


Companies focused on cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming more visible, owing to their marketing efforts. With more resources at their disposal, they can now reach audiences not directly associated with crypto trading. Basketball is a fine example in this respect. 

Coinbase announces that they now belong to the sponsors of the NBA

That is just one more indicator of the growing acceptance trend. We at Evercode Lab are always happy to hear news like this!  


The world’s first ETF, aka exchange-traded fund, backed by BTC-futures did generate some buzz recently. After all, it is widely believed to be a significant success for the crypto industry. However, the future may bring even more positive developments. 

According to Cryptonews, ETH may follow suit soon. Thus, we will have two EFTs simultaneously, based on the two most prominent crypto assets! Isn’t it great?! 


Last week, we discussed the fact that one of Australia’s significant pension funds was experimenting with crypto. This week, we have more news of this kind to discuss.

As everyone knows, everything is bigger in Texas. That appears to be a course the Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund seems to be pursuing.

As Al Jazeera reports, this pension fund is interested in investing in BTC and Ethereum. We at Evercode Lab would like to wish the best of luck to the firefighters of Houston. We all know that saving lives is the most honorable calling on Earth. Our team also assumes that their Pension Fund made the right decision.   


Walmart, a real juggernaut of the retail industry, has announced an interesting initiative that might make the life of crypto enthusiasts much easier. Its pilot project will make it possible for shoppers to buy BTC “at Coinstar kiosks in its stores.”

We at Evercode Lab wonder how many Bitcoins will be bought on the very first day!