We at Evercode Lab view Blockchain projects as one of our key priorities. All the recent market trends indicate that this is the right choice. In this piece, we would like to briefly tell which figures and recent developments we see as the most inspiring ones, briefly summarize your extensive track record and repeat why you would entrust your next corporate blockchain initiative to us. 

Blockchain Landscape 

In the recent 2020 report by Deloitte, the team of Evercode Lab came across some info we find extremely inspiring. According to it, the companies surveyed expressed the following opinions and attitudes: 

– 55% of the respondents agree that the adequate adoption of blockchain shall be seen as “critical” and include it in the current list of TOP-5 priorities 

– 88% believe in the enormous scalability of blockchain and its coming “mainstream adoption” 

– 86% of them are now able to identify “a compelling business case” to apply blockchain to 

– 83% assume that it is likely to lose a competitive advantage if their companies and projects do not use the potential of blockchain  

These findings can be further corroborated by the stats from
FinancesOnline. Per their findings, the following positive developments took place:

– The global compound annual growth rate is expected to be 46% in 2024 

– In Covid-stricken 2020 alone, the blockchain market expanded by 10% 

– The popularity of blockchain also grew, with “a total of 620.369 million transactions as of February 2021” 

– Finally, the top-5 industries spending on blockchain most included such lucrative sectors as banking with 30%, process manufacturing with 11.5%, discrete manufacturing with 11%, professional services with roughly 6.5%, and retail with 6%. 


Evercode Lab’s Place In the Growing Landscape  

As a company, Evercode Lab definitely belongs to those who benefit from it. We do not only mean our successful case studies, positive customer reviews, or industry ratings. Rather, we refer to an outstanding team we assembled and the amazing blockchain projects we implemented. 

Our current portfolio includes such blockchain-based solutions as: 

Atomic Wallet, a multi-cryptocurrency wallet enabling its end-users to make cross-blockchain swaps in a convenient fashion 

– A set of the Guarda crypto wallets for mobile devices 

Swapzone cryptocurrency exchange aggregator for those willing to benefit from fluctuating exchange rates 

– A serious upgrade of NowPayments, a popular payment gateway securing crypto transactions 

– The well-known Coinmarket platform collecting cryptocurrency data for market analysis 

In fact, we are not going to mention all the solutions we have built. There are too many of them. What is of greater importance is that the experience and expertise we gained put us in the position to develop almost any tool one can reasonably envision. 

Be it marketplaces and retail, fintech, or business services, the Evercode Lab team will deliver your project expediently, effectively, and on time. 

Do you want to take part in the inevitable mainstream adoption of blockchain? In this case, you are unlikely to find an outsourcing partner better than us. Do not hesitate to contact Evercode Lab to discuss your next blockchain initiative. We will make it together.