Being updated is a key prerequisite for success in any industry. This is doubly so for the crypto industry which is known for its volatility and dynamism. We try not to miss any important piece of news or trend to stay successful and keep on growing. Today, we are going to post one more crypto news digest covering the latest advances in the industry.


GameStop, one of the global leaders in the video game retail industry, is facing some challenges. To overcome them and become ‘the Amazon of gaming,’ the company is experimenting with NFTs and crypto assets. In line with this new approach, GameStop is releasing a beta version for its ETH wallet. This solution will enable users to ‘store, send, and receive’ both crypto and NFTs via their web browsers. 


Coinbase, a crypto exchange platform every owner and investor knows, takes a huge step. It is the first crypto company you can find on the Fortune 500 list. From now on, it officially belongs to the circle of America’s major companies by revenue.


JP Morgan, one of the world’s main investment banks, expresses confidence in crypto. On the one hand, they say they can see that the prospects of crypto are still bright. More than that, they assume that BTC and some other digital assets are undervalued. 


OnlyFans, a top-ranked platform for adult content creators, is joining the web3 race. They are planning to launch a new startup, Zoop, to enable end-users to ‘buy, sell, and trade 3D NFT “playing cards” of their favorite influencers and celebrities.’ As we can see, after gaming, fashion, music, gambling, the world of adult content is also in the game. 


Finally, eBay, a true eCommerce giant, is also moving towards NFTs. Its first collection of NFTs will soon be available, in cooperation with OneOf. The new collection named ‘Genesis’ is dedicated to ‘iconic athletes who have featured on Sports Illustrated covers.’

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