Here is one more digest of crypto news and trends from Evercode Lab. As usual, we keep on tracking the most important developments in the web3 industry, which, we believe, is our common future!   


India is facing a serious ‘brain drain’ problem. Due to the recent restrictions imposed on cryptocurrencies and digital assets, many local entrepreneurs and startups are leaving for Dubai, as moneycontrol reports. This Emirate is known for its friendly attitude to web3 businesses and blockchain in general.  


If you are lucky enough to own enough crypto coins, reside in Baltimore, and are planning to buy a fancy car, here is your direction to go! As BENZINGA says, a local Porsche dealership now accepts Dogecoin and Shiba Inu! Such payments can be processed via BitPay. 


If you are familiar with the world of crypto — of course, you are — then you know The news is that it has recently ‘launched its long-awaited marketplace for digital collectibles’, i.e. for NFTs! As of now, it is available for a limited number of users. However, many more are expected to follow suit. 


Argentina might soon become a new crypto hub! At least, this is what the country’s recent initiative communicates. As it has been recently reported, this South American nation is going to launch an ‘‘innovation hub’ to bolster fintech and cryptocurrency startups in a regulated manner’.


The Economic Times, an Indian newspaper, draws our attention to the five domains that are being revolutionized and reinvented by NFTs. Here they are:

  • Digital Art
  • Gaming 
  • Movies
  • Fashion
  • Music 

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