We at Evercode Lab once more wrote a spring weekly digest of important events for you! Moreover, in dedication to International Women’s Day on this week our team has collected some excellent feminist news today!


In addition to the news in the previous digest eBay anyways decided to accept “new forms of payment”! The eCommerce corporation has claimed that it is exploring the option of payment with cryptocurrencies and will enter the ability to use digital wallet. According to the Cryptonews arcticle firm will promote new businesses avenues, including services that “allows customers to store their private keys on a platform and pay in crypto on a digital marketplace – such as eBay”.


In honer of International Women’s Day an US startup Unstoppable Domains, as part of a continued effort to support women in the crypto and NFT spaces, is setting aside $10 million in Web3 domain names for its “Unstoppable Women of Web3” initiative. Furthermore, more than 60 prominent Web2 and Web3 companies have signed a pledge to “feature work created by historically marginalized groups.”


Coindesk made a good explanation “Why Decentralized Exchanges are important in the crypto economy”. Since 2012, digital economy changed from long remittances that took weeks to just seconds money transactions. Nowadays, DEXs — a very complex smart contracts with simple goals: to provide liquidity to anyone who wishes to trade cryptocurrencies. Read more about DEXs significant benefits and which innovations it offers for trading cryptocurrencies compared to centralized exchanges.


New education direction: prestigious Princeton university launches blockchain research initiative with $20M from crypto-alumni. The university hopes to discover new use cases for blockchain technology with a donation made by four high-profile alumni including Mike Novogratz and Joe Lubin. Such initiative is directed to increase knowledge about modern technologies, especially blockchain, and how it “can interfere with and change social norms”.


Another great news dedicated to International Women’s Day is that women-led startup to help consumers monetize their data through blockchain. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Greta Menzies, the co-founder of Chain Collective, says that the advent of Web3 technologies may change the way data is collected and let consumers get compensation for the information they share. Recall that Chain Collective is a Web3 startup that enables consumers to monetize their data using blockchain.