The web3 segment is growing and will continue to grow. New assets will emerge, new projects will be launched, new challenges will arise. To be prepared for this new age, the industry needs reliable and flexible solutions capable of quickly integrating new coins and tokens, enabling needed transactions, and providing new capabilities. 

We, as a team of blockchain development professionals, are happy to make a contribution to this growth. Our contribution is the Everchain White Label Wallet for companies. The Evercode experts are sure that the industry now needs this type of crypto solutions. We did our best to create a tool that can be quickly obtained, monetized, and improved.

Cryptocurrencies and Wallets: Today

  • First, back in November 2021, there were 78.85 million users of wallets. It is also of importance that the number of downloads of this chief crypto wallet in January 2021 was over 5.5 million. That is to say, people need crypto wallets. 
  • Second, as for the number of available crypto assets to purchase, sell, and exchange, there are more and more of them. It is impossible to give an exact figure. However, as CoinMarketCap’s assumes, there exist 13 500+. That is to say, people need new assets to use with their wallets.
  • Third, ‘cross-border payments and settlements’ are regarded as ‘the largest individual blockchain technology use case’. Their share accounts for 16% of the ‘global blockchain technology market.’ That is to say, people are ready to pay and receive money with their new wallets and assets. 

What do the aforementioned facts imply?

  • First, the target audience of crypto owners and users will grow, which means many of them will search for new wallet solutions
  • Second, such solutions must be flexible and adaptable enough in order to be able to handle fresh digital assets gaining in popularity
  • Third, those wallets must offer sufficient capabilities to handle growing volumes of payments 

Evercode’s differentiated approach to providing such white-label wallets will make it possible for you to effectively benefit from those trends

White-Label Wallets: Definition and Evercode’s Approach 

Basically, what does a WL-wallet mean? Simply put, it means a program making it possible to store your private keys. In addition, they also may serve as leverage to execute smart contracts.

How can you obtain such a tool for your organization in a cost-effective yet flexible fashion? Here, we are going to cite one of our previous posts:

“In this case, the most reasonable thing to do is to order a white-label wallet. It is already built and ready-to-use software making it possible to launch a cryptocurrency wallet ASAP. In other words, it is an easily available and customizable software base for your future wallet.”

Evercode’s White-Label Wallets: Your Packages 

As we have stressed above, our aim is to provide our customers with the most suitable solution matching their current priorities and circumstances. Hence, from now on, you can order one of the following Evercode WL-Wallet editions:

Evercode’s Lite White Label Wallet

  • iOS / Android app
  • 3 crypto coins to choose
  • Capability to send and receive crypto currencies
  • Transaction history
  • Mnemonic phrase
  • Pin-code
  • Custom UX based on your brand 

Evercode’s Medium White Label Wallet

  • iOS / Android app
  • 3 tokens (TRON, ETH, BSC)
  • Capability to send and receive crypto currencies
  • Capability to buy crypto currencies
  • Capability to exchange crypto currencies
  • Transaction history
  • Mnemonic phrase
  • Face ID & Touch ID
  • Custom UX based on your brand

Evercode’s Pro White Label Wallet

  • All the features of the Medium edition
  • Profile export and import
  • Double bottom
  • Multiple accounts
  • New address generated for each transaction
  • Crypto price chart
  • Capability to store NFT tokens

Whatever the choice you make, you can be sure that the results will be delivered on time and in full compliance with the edition stipulated!