In our previous articles, we discussed the benefits of outsourcing and our approach to it. However, those pieces missed an important point. Specifically, we did not discuss that very moment when one decides to outsource.

While different situations may vary, our experience says there are common signs that unite most managers who opt for it. It is a good idea to share them. After all, some of these clues might be obvious right now, at your office.

1. You are stressed, burnt out, constantly behind deadlines, and spend too much time on the things you cannot stand

This condition is not a source, it is an outcome of the main problems. However, unfortunately, a lot of people decide to outsource at this stage, not earlier. Our advice is not to push yourself to this limit and fall back on an outsourcing provider before you are desperate.

If you do so, you will save money, nerves, and strength for more productive things. As a result, your expenses associated with outsourcing will amount to nothing in comparison with resources wasted on your independent efforts.

2. You have a promising concept you cannot put into practice due to lack of expertise

Business imagination has no limits. Brilliant and lucrative ideas may flash into your mind at any moment. If it is worthwhile, it is critical to act fast.

Beyond any doubt, you can try to hire needed talents as staff employees. But it will take much time to find, recruit, and integrate them. Needless to say, their compensation is also to be competitive. Do you need this burden?

3. You are relatively able to put your new projects and improvements on the right track, but as a result, you start to neglect the old ones

Yes, sometimes one has to choose between new promising directions and well-functioning ‘milch cows’ nurturing your business. We mean that even if your old portfolio works well and generates cash, you still need to maintain, develop, and invest in it. One just cannot abandon sich ‘heritage’ and dedicate oneself to exploring new horizons. In this situation, getting cost-effective external help is the best option.

4. You realize that you tend to forget to perform certain tasks, or even to deliberately put them into cold storage.

No, do not mean simple schedule delays. It is not a big deal if some of your sprints fail to meet the deadlines from time to time. Being a couple of days behind is not a serious issue.

But sometimes such issues assume far more serious dimensions: your workload may grow uncontrollably. Against the backdrop of this burden, you may start forgetting about tasks and interim stages. Worse still, you may end up in a situation when you knowingly ignore the sequence of your workflow. This is a ringing alarm.

5. You must migrate to a fresh platform – or even a new language – with your products.

This need may suddenly arise for a range of reasons. Say, you have suddenly detected and identified a security gap. It is also possible to find that the APIs and plugins you need have a compatibility problem with your previous language. Finally, you might just be willing to keep abreast with the latest tech trends.

In this case, collaborating with an IT outsourcing company is an obvious conclusion that offers itself. You already have specs, designs, and concepts in place. So why should you try to ‘remodel’ the entire product if you can easily hire a third-party team?

6. Your in-house IT team suffers from high turnover rates

While the reasons for that may be different (uncompetitive salaries, unengaging tasks, hectic and packed schedules), the outcomes are always the same. It is all about operation downtime, expenses on integration and mentoring, securing business continuity, etc.

The most logical step in this respect is to rely on a cost-effective third-party team and keep just a core of your internal IT group. If you do so, you will be in the right position to raise salaries and establish normal business processes.

7. The complexity of your administrative, managerial, and tech workflow has become unbearable

This is a very common scenario for startups and SMEs. Your business is growing, but you still have no sufficient resources to properly scale it. Inevitably, you will find yourself in the middle of a tornado. Strategic questions, day-to-day management, and hands-on assignments will turn your office life into a nightmare.

Relieving yourself should be your top priority under these circumstances, for the sake of your venture.

Evercode Lab at Your Service

Avoiding these problems is easy. With outsourcing, you will be more efficient, creative, and most importantly calm. Just contact us and we will be happy to help at any stage.