IT outsourcing still seems to be a risky adventure for many companies. It is understandable. After all, we all normally like to exercise full control over every aspect of our development and testing processes. At the same time, in the present context, there is nothing more reasonable and cost-effective than entrusting a reliable subcontractor with some portions of your workload – or even all of it. In this piece, we will try to explain why we think so. 

Common Concerns and Our Response 

Normally, our customers express a more or less similar range of reservations while negotiating with us. To debunk them from the very beginning, let’s cite them here.

1. You at Evercode Lab know how to code. But you don’t know my business. How can I expect you to deliver what my company needs? 

This is a legitimate fear. Normally, we answer this way. Indeed, it is impossible to know everything. That is why, to fend off such a threat, make sure that your potential situation meets these criteria.

First of all, your outsourcing partners shall have something to do with your industry. That is to say, such a contractor has to be either big enough to cover all the industries in high demand, or a small-to-medium team possessing the very expertise you need. In our case, we warn what our key fields are, in advance.

Second, you need to be in the right position to provide a workable list of your desirable deliverables (or compile it jointly with your partner of choice). You might be surprised, but a lot of companies fail to do so and start projects that just cannot be implemented due to a lack of direction.

If you succeed at accommodating these requirements, you can start outsourcing. The outcomes are likely to be positive.

2. I can control my team. But I am unable to control your every step. What should I do with this? 

Well, to begin with, micromanagement is never a good idea when it comes to skilled people and ambitious projects. To succeed in business, one would better abandon such a flawed framework.

As for us, whenever negotiate a project we adhere to a mutually approved roadmap that includes:

– sequences of tasks

– deadlines

– deliverables

– space for iterations

If you manage to produce such a binding framework with a trustworthy partner, you are safe from failures.

3. I am accustomed to being responsible for myself and my actions. How can I be responsible for you before my superiors, investors, peers, and subordinates? 

It is a comprehensible fear as well. Yes, until your outsourcing contractor proves itself, there is always a risk. Our method in this case is to start simple. That is to say, we are ready to start with projects of a smaller scale, most notably, MVPs. Such a limited beginning helps reduce your risks, conquer your trust, and prove our worth most efficiently, i.e. via practice.

Advantages of Outsourcing 

As for the advantages of IT outsourcing you will benefit from (if you manage to overcome the aforementioned reservation), they are too well-known to describe them in detail. So let’s just recite the most relevant ones quickly:

  • Immediate access to a pool of experts with no need to hire or train your ones
  • Corresponding reduction of costs
  • More speedy implementation schedule
  • Your chance to concentrate on strategy and more meaningful facets of management
  • Chance to learn something valuable while cooperating with your IT outsourcing partner
  • Healthier environment in your core team: since the most challenging and irksome tasks are outsourced, there are automatically fewer sources of conflict at your own office
  • Substantive guarantees in terms of security and compliance. As an entity, you sign a contract with an outsourcing company that stipulates precisely defined conditions

Evercode Lab: Your IT Outsourcing Partner at the Intersection of the EU and Russia

We are a European company located in Cyprus with a strong presence in Russia. It means we are in the right position to offer a transparent legal framework and guarantees, simultaneously with exceptional human resources. What makes Russian-speaking IT specialists so outstanding even in comparison with such growing and popular outsourcing hubs as India?

As we see it, the two main reasons are as follows:

  • Abundance of trained, skilled, and committed IT specialists: according to the Information and Computer Technologies Industry Association, the number of IT specialists active in Russia was roughly 1 million as early as 10 years ago. These employees are of exceptionally high quality even in the top-10 countries for developers.
  • Cost-efficiency. Owing to the recent economic trends, labor costs tend to be lower than in other developing markets. According to Outsourcing Choices, even the highest price is as low as between $40 and $50.

We invite you to try these two advantages in cooperation with Evercode Lab. Our portfolio is extensive enough to assure you of inevitable success.