Right now, there is no shortage of employers for both aspiring and experienced developers to join. It is true for almost all IT hubs globally. The cities we are located in are no exception. At the same time, we believe we are one of the best teams for blockchain professionals available in the job market, even against this competitive background. In this piece, we are going to explain why. 

Evercode Lab At a Glance 

To begin with, we offer the following advantages: 

  • Competitive remuneration that may often exceed the average salary offered to specialists with particular qualifications, skills, and track records. 
  • Even before the COVID-19 pandemic stroke, we had already been quite flexible in terms of flexible working hours and remote work. We do love to see your colleagues at the offices, so it is mostly about hybrid arrangements and schedules. At the same time, some of our employees work in countries different from our main locations, in a totally remote fashion. We understand and accept this fact. 
  • Our offices, are very cozy and provide for fruitful collaborations and creative solitude. Needless to say, there are also spaces to socialize, play PlayStation games, or just take a break. 
  • All those perks IT people are accustomed to, such as cookies, snacks, free coffee, and soft drinks, subsidized fitness and wellness, you name it. 

However, these advantages are not enough to call an IT company your “dream employer.” Almost every decent company strives to create such comfortable environments. It is a must nowadays, nowadays:  

  • For instance, as early as 2018, Glassdoor reported that over 60% of US specialties surveyed viewed such perks and benefits as a significant factor while contemplating a job offer. Many people would even “would choose additional benefits over a pay raise” 
  • In addition to comfort at the office, a chance to work from home is also seen as an advantage. For example, according to the Global Benefits Attitudes Survey 2020, before COVID, only 33 of the respondents surveyed used to work from home. As of now, 53% of them do so “sometimes or most of the time.” On top of that, this opportunity is seen as a positive factor by over 80%

As a result, Evercode Lab needs to offer something more than these conventional perks and benefits. We offer your culture and our approach to hiring and employment. 

Our Work Culture and Its Background 

What makes us different from smaller IT outsourcing teams and the so-called “body shops” is our attitude to hard skills and team work in general. 

Let us start with a broader context. 

The IT market, both here and globally, is overheated. That is to say, it is a segment where the amount of openings universally exceeds the number of available candidates. For example, in such a developed and leading country as the US, “one in every 12 IT jobs goes unfilled for lack of a skilled candidate.” 

The situation is even more challenging globally. Back in 2020, the shortage of IT talent all over the world was 40 million skilled IT employees worldwide; in 2030 this deficit is projected to be equal to 85 million.

What does it mean in hiring terms? 

Simply put, it means the following three implications: 

  • First, salaries constantly increase more or less equally across the entire market 
  • It is getting more and more challenging to acquire and retain IT talent with a proper tech stack based on salaries only. 
  • Finally, the role of skill sets is also changing. Obtaining an experienced full-stack developer is difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes prohibitively expensive. Hence, it is necessary to gradually train and advance your juniors and middle-level developers while retaining them both. 

IT Hiring and Working at Evercode Lab: Implications 

How are we handling this challenge and making Evercode Lab an attractive employer? Our team applies the following principles: 

  • In line with many experts and IT colleagues, we are actively trying to identify professional potential “beyond degrees.” That is to say, we do not pay too much attention to formal educational credentials and extensive track records. 

On the one hand, we do not make it mandatory to submit an IT diploma. Instead, IT certificates and some project examples will suffice. On the other hand, we are always glad to help our junior employees learn new things, both in theory and practice. 

  • Second, we do admit that “remote hiring is here to stay” in the tech industry. Thus, we do not insist on mandatory and daily office attendance and are ready to cooperate with remote colleagues. 
  • Third, we are well aware of the fact that corporate culture – aka “your company” as your second friendship network – is an important factor. Hence, we want our team to be as inclusive and open-minded as possible. 

We are proud of the fact that we work with team members from different regions (Europe, Asia, North America, and North Africa as of now) and with different hobbies. 

To sum up, the policy Evercode Lab pursues is as follows: 

  • We help people gradually grow and encourage them to grow. That is the cornerstone of your policy 
  • We believe that informal and friendly openness is what attracts candidates to us 
  • We know that the best way to learn is practice guided by experienced mentors and managers 
  • Diversity is not just a buzzword for us! We are living in it already! 

If you feel you could become one of the Evercode Lab team members, just check out the list of openings and feel free to apply