Practical advantages of crypto

For the most part, ordinary people notice news and developments related to tech giants, big banks, movie starts, and athletes. At the same time, the power of crypto is not limited to these sectors. Quite the contrary, crypto is also transforming the way SMEs operate, at the global level. This is the reason why our team views collaborations with small-and-medium-sized businesses as one of the chief priorities. To a significant extent, SMEs are the ones our Everchain White Label Crypto Wallet was built for. So, today, we are posting some informative figures showing how important crypto assets are for SMEs.

As of now, a number of far-reaching trends can be observed:

  • More and more businesses, globally, tend to experiment with digital payments as their main and even sole pattern. 59% of them are planning to become cashless or have already become totally cashless.
  • On top of that, according to a recent survey by VISA, 24% of small-and-medium-sized businesses are planning to start accepting crypto payments very soon.

What do these figures mean? They mean that small and medium businesses do recognize some significant advantages of crypto. Businesses should pay greater attention to cryptocurrency as time goes on and there are some reasons why:

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Hedging against inflation
  • Quick transactions
  • No need for third-parties
  • Trans-border capabilities
  • Greater brand awareness, visibility, and customer loyalty
  • Increased privacy and safety

So, if you think that it’s completely about your business future, then you will realize that the Everchain White Label Wallet is a perfect answer to all your requests!