Here we go! Here is one more digest of the most important crypto trends and developments.   


The United Arab Emirates makes one more step on the way to becoming a major crypto hub. As CNBC reports, Kraken is likely to open the doors of the Abu Dhabi office very soon. Previously, this crypto trading platform obtained a full license to operate in the Emirates.  


Bitcoin is a part of the world we live in, for both the young and the elderly. So, if you reside in the US and do care about your retirement savings, there is a way to use BTC for this purpose. Fidelity, a major provider of retirement plans, states you can now ‘put some of your 401(k) directly’ in BTC. Isn’t it great?


One more nation follows El Salvador and adopts BTC as its legal tender. At least, this is what the recent news from the Central African Republic says: now it is ‘the first country in Africa and only the second in the world to do so.’  


Telegram, one of the world’s most popular messengers, is trying to integrate crypto once again. Their previous attempt to do so with TON as their own token was not successful, as we all remember. Now, as protocol reports, the messenger ‘has enabled fee-free payments — sending crypto to other users — using toncoin (TON) in the app.’ In addition, it is also possible to purchase BTC within the app.


Panama’s lawmakers pass a bill that will turn BTC and eight other digital assets into something new! Namely, they can be used to pay taxes and make private transactions. Great news!