Our team is happy to wish you a Happy Holiday Season! Today, we are going to post the last digest of the most important crypto news and trends in 2021. We hope, next year there will be even more positive developments and promising initiatives to mention!  


Are crypto assets the future of the world economy? We are Evercode Lab hope it will be so to some extent at least. It is a pleasure to know that most of your millionaires think so as well!

Here is what the recent CNBC Millionaire Survey indicated in this respect: 

  • First, “83% of millennial millionaires own cryptocurrencies.”
  • More than that, they all plan to purchase even more digital assets in 2022
  • It is also interesting how they set their financial priorities! Over 50% of them have “half of their holdings in crypto”. At the same time, as many as almost a third of them “have at least 75%” in digital assets based on blockchain! 


One more story related to both show business and crypto. Gwyneth Paltrow, a popular Hollywood actress and celebrity, is giving away $500,000 in BTC. These digital assets will be distributed, for the Winter Holidays, via Cash App. It is a payment service built by Block Inc.

The lucky winners are selected at random. They will be given BTC in either “$20 increments” or $100 increments!”

Congratulations to the lucky winners in advance!


NFTs seem to be popular digital items among basketball fans. Fortune reports that a collection of almost 3,000 “non-fungible tokens featuring digital replicas of the shoes” worn by Stephen Curry, a professional basketball player, has been successfully sold out.

Each “pair” of shoes cost 333 bucks. Guess what, they have all been already sold out. As for the happy buyers, they can use those virtual shoes for walking across three metaverses based on ETH.

Yes, we live in an interesting time!


The Economic Times draws our attention to an interesting trend related to the Silicon Valley job market. As it appears to be, aspiring software developers and tech professionals see crypto as the new frontier with “get-rich-faster” perspectives!

As this Indian periodical stresses, we are observing a real wave of managers and engineers quitting their jobs at Google, Apple, and Amazon to join ambitious crypto teams.

We at Evercode Lab understand them for sure! Crypto is a great industry to work for!


Elon Musk, whose tweets might be both a blessing and a curse for the crypto market, has once again stressed that he is a fan of Doge and is not that enthusiastic for BTC? So, why?

Well, according to the eccentric billionaire and visionary, BTC “just gives power to new rich people.” Indeed, in this context memecoins look like a viable alternative!