Join us on our regular journey across the most important and far-reaching web3 trends and developments. The current situation looks precarious for many crypto owners and investors. However, we believe that there is an opportunity in any challenge. This is doubly so in the blockchain business. 


While the crypto prices are dropping, El Salvador’s President still expresses his confidence in digital assets. And he is not alone. Representatives of financial institutions and central banks from 40 developing nations, including Nigeria, Ecuador, and Egypt, attended a conference El Salvador held on Monday. The agenda was straightforward: “to discuss financial inclusion, digital economy, banking the unbanked, the Bitcoin rollout.”


Spotify, a global music streaming service provider, is experimenting with NFTs. As of now, a limited number of notable artists can now ‘embed and promote NFT galleries on their profiles.’ Thus, Instagram is not alone anymore.


Despite the recent negative dynamics, the blockchain job market is doing ok. As Cointelegraph reports, ‘recruiters say they have not witnessed a downturn in crypto-related job opportunities.’


Robinhood is not going to stop its experiments with crypto payments. Their new initiative is as follows: to serve more qualified and knowledgeable crypto users, the service will ‘roll out a new standalone, self-custodial crypto wallet focused on DeFi’ by the end of this year. 


Norway legalizes crypto mining in a peculiar fashion: first, Norway’s3 Parliament refused a recently proposed ban on crypto mining. After that, the country’s government approved it.