Evercode Lab, again, invites your attention to our regular digest of the most interesting and promising news related to blockchain in general and crypto in particular. Let’s take a look at how web 3.0 is changing the world around us. After all, it is a wonderful journey!  


Shiba Inu stopped being a meme for a while! At least, this is what the most recent step taken by the Gemini Crypto Exchange communicated. This Ethereum-based coin was recently added to the platform after that “token’s stunning rally this year.” This piece of news is another reminder that crypto investments are full of potential surprises. 


These surprises might be even more astonishing: after all, a little bit later, the Shiba price plummeted. 


India’s lawmakers have come to an important conclusion. On the one hand, the country’s MPs admit that, in the light of the growing popularity of crypto there, digital assets cannot be stopped. On the other hand, the Parliamentary Committee on Finance stresses that crypto needs to be regulated. 

Well, the crypto world should hope that India will find the golden path! 


Binance, one of the global crypto leaders, proposes a sort of Declaration of Rights for Crypto Owners. According to them, these rights are “meant to ensure safe access to emerging technologies, liquidity, and secure platforms”. While this initiative may seem to be premature, it does communicate an important point. 

The rights of all crypto owners should be protected. 


NASDAQ cites several recommendations proposed by The Motley Fool for those willing to invest in crypto and mitigate risks:

– One should not overinvest, as the key to success is to invest money you are ready to lose 

– Assess the market before investing 

– Keep the rest of your portfolio “strong” 


Defy, a startup focused on fintech, announced it has successfully raised $5.5 million needed to launch the “first social crypto exchange” in India. According to the company’s words, such a platform would enable end-users “to create their profiles and share portfolios with friends and followers.” 

In this fashion, the company intends to “disrupt the cryptocurrency space” via “a social and community-based approach.”

While the eventual success of this initiative depends on the official policy adopted by India’s government, the plan itself sounds good!