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What a surprise! If you use Norton 360 as your antivirus of choice, you can now mine ETH via it. As Cryptonews.com reports, a special feature, Norton Crypto, has recently been released. With it, your PC can start mining Ethereum when it is idle! For sure, there are some requirements your machine must match, such as having “at least 2 GB RAM and a 1 GHz processor.” Finally, this pattern will not necessarily be price-effective and energy-efficient. However, if you want to take your first crypto step, why not?

By the way, some owners of Tesla cars already use their vehicles for this very purpose as well! 


This piece of news is another reflection of how crypto becomes a factor that has to be taken into consideration by a variety of sectors. As we have already mentioned on numerous occasions, the Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas keep on shaping the future of crypto. This example is from Costa Rica. 

Reuters reports: a local power plant had to find new directions for its business. The case is that “the government stopped buying electricity during the pandemic due to surplus power supply.” As a result, over 600 machines are now operating “non-stop from eight containers powered by the plant next to the Poas River.”

Yes, crypto helps both individuals, entire communities, and power plants!


Visa has held a relevant business survey and revealed some interesting figures. According to it, almost every fourth small business across nine countries is planning to experiment with crypto payments in 2022. The survey covered such prominent economies as the US and Brazil, so it gives cause for optimism.

The sooner crypto covers regular SMEs, the better it is for the industry!


Forbes cites two figures indicating the greater importance of crypto for the global travel industry.

– Every fourth traveler, i.e. those who have taken 1-4 trips a year own BTC
– As for “frequent travelers”, i.e. those with over 4 trips a year, every third individual in this group owns a BTC.

As we can see, the global travel and hospitality industry is a very promising area for crypto service providers.


2021 was a chief milestone for the crypto world. In a sense, one can assume that cryptocurrencies and digital assets are becoming a new normal. At least, this is what the recent study cited by Cointelegraph implies.

How many new private investors did crypto attract in 2021? A lot: “About 70% of crypto holders in the U.S. started investing in cryptocurrencies like BTC in 2021.” It means that the previous year contributed greatly to a better public perception of cryptocurrencies and breaking the ice around them.