This week is almost over! It means that the time has come to summarize what has happened and post Evercode’s regular crypto news digest! As usual, there is definitely something to think about.  


This Monday will be remembered as an important milestone for the crypto industry. On that day, the aggregate market cap of crypto exceeded $3 trillion US dollars and reached $3.3 trillion. Back in 2009, it was literally impossible to imagine those heights!

However, we at Evercode Lan are sure that there will be many more record highs!


Forbes reports that Mastercard has started to collaborate with several Asian digital asset platforms “to issue payment cards” that will make it possible for users, in that particular region, to convert BTC and some other coins “into fiat currencies”.

At Evercode Lab, we can only say that news of this sort always sounds inspiring!


Twitter, a relatively crypto-friendly platform, announces that it is going to launch a special crypto team to “set the strategy for the future of crypto at (and on) Twitter”. This initiative reflects Jack Dorsey’s intention “to embrace digital assets and decentralised apps and the ballooning communities around them”. 

Well, what is good for crypto is good for Evercode Lab!


India’s authorities are “likely to introduce a new crypto bill later this month”. What matters in this respect is that the new law is likely to be softer than expected. Which is good, as India is definitely a promising country for the crypto industry. 


Last week we mentioned Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez. This politician and crypto-enthusiast keeps drawing attention with crypto initiatives. The latest one is as follows.

The residents of Miami are supposed to “get some freshly mined MiamiCoins into their crypto-wallets free of cost”. At least, that is Francis Suarez’s plan who wants “to get Bitcoin wallets for everybody in the city” so that these native crypto coins could be deposited “as a passive income and savings pool”.

On the one hand, there are already too many altcoins all over the world. On the other hand, this is an interesting plan!