Today, as usual, we are going to publish a selection of crypto news and blockchain trends we find interesting! Keeping abreast of the latest trends in the web 3.0 world is of enormous importance to us since Evercode Lab seeks to be a top-performing blockchain development company well-aware of what is happening around us. 


As a recent survey indicates, digital assets seem to be an attractive hedge for Russia’s retail investors. According to FXSTREET, citing a new poll, almost 50% of 1000 respondents saw crypto “as a potential defensive asset.”

This is one more example of a truly global scale. In times of economic instability, rising inflation rates, and lack of clarity, many investors turn to BTC and other cryptocurrencies as an additional shield.


Radio France Internationale, aka RFI, reports that web 3.0 might become one of the main trends of 2022. That is to say, a new space – where “users, creators and developers would have stakes and votes” – becomes more and more feasible.

We at Evercode Lab really hope that this forecast will work well! In a world driven by web 3.0 we will definitely face no shortage of interesting projects to work on and deliver!


Facebook is reversing its decision to ban crypto-related ads! According to CNBC, the new policy in this respect is based on the following consideration: “the cryptocurrency landscape has continued to mature and stabilize” with “clearer rules” being laid down.

If it happens, the number of potential retail investors will grow, which means that there will be more projects to invest in. At the same time, we at Evercode Lab hope that adequate quality control checks will also be in place. Responsible blockchain-based businesses need this more than anyone else. 


Crypto is on the front foot in one more European country. In Croatia, an EU member state, the nation’s leading supermarket chain is ready to accept crypto payments. Even though it is not a matter of physical retail, the adoption of crypto for its online store is an important step forward.

The list of accepted digital assets is also quite illustrative:


  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETH 
  • EOS
  • XRP
  • DAI
  • XLM 

There are two available stablecoin options as well, i.e. USDT and USDC. 


Finally, the number of crypto owners in Australia reached over 800,000, which is 200,000 more than last year. That is what the tax office communicates. It is an amazing growth rate!